Friday, January 24, 2014


The cost of purchasing a child is ridiculous and it gets me all fired up. Yes, I worded it that way on purpose. You might as well say it that way, because that's essentially what you're doing.

I've done a lot of research on this topic and the best option I can find around here is LSS Adoption Services. If their website is correct, it will be $13,500.00 to adopt. In order to visually keep track, and to help others to be able to see what our goals are, I made a fundraiser thermometer.

We have a long way to go. If the cost is higher than that, which some websites estimate over $40,000 for a domestic adoption (!!!) then we are screwed... but we have to start somewhere.

We are probably going to talk to an agency directly and put in an application this week. We need to find out the specifics as it relates to money. We need to see if it will be worth our time to even put in an application. I don't want to waste our money or anyone else's money if we get any donations.

I kind of feel like I should've waited to start spreading the word about the adoption, but then again I'm really not. It really got the ball rolling for me, and especially for Adam. It really kicked his butt into gear and made him officially decide that it is something he wants to do. He is still very hopeful that we will have our own child, as am I, but after looking into the astronomical costs of fertility treatments and compared side-by-side with the success rates, I convinced him that it just isn't worth it. The success rates range anywhere from 22 - 50%. That's not very much percents, you know what I mean? IVF is a helluva lot of money to just have a 50% chance of conceiving! Some that conceive even end up miscarrying! How devastating! I can't imagine! Exclamation mark!

We shall see how far this fundraiser goes. Hopefully those that have said "we support you all the way" actually mean it, eh?

Much love, diamonds, rubies and opals,

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