Thursday, January 9, 2014



I'm trying to watching New Girl right at the same time I'm writing this. It's kind of impossible for me to do. New Girl is kind of taking precedence right now. Who else loves that show!?

I've been having fun. And I've been getting annoyed. But mostly having fun. I created another coupon book! And I am proud of it, as I was my original one. There's a lot of negativity surrounding me, mostly by my own fault, but I'm trucking away at it.  Adam isn't sure what kind of a market there is for this sort of thing, let alone people who understand the concept. I think most women understand the concept, but, fairly obviously, not men. Adam also has been a great (and my only) cheerleader, saying that everyone starts out as nothing. Cliche, maybe, but it's something to remember.

As far as what I've been having fun with...

That's what I've been working on! As always, I had a lot of fun with them. I had a hard time with a lot of it, figuring out how to do some of it... even though it looks so simply easy... it wasn't for me!


I don't want to be famous, semi-famous, or an online-hit where I have 200 followers (to me, 200 is a lot *smiles*). Frankly, I don't have the time or energy for that. Or talent. I just want to have a baby. And however many people it takes to find me and let me make things for them, I'll be happy with. If we got people to buy a set of 5 cards, it would take 2,000 people. That's a lot of people!! And wow.. Just thought of the fact that that's a lot of cards... 100,000?!?!?! 

That's why I need Adam to tell me to keep trucking along. Someday someone might find what I make interesting, and that will be exciting. Like when Dany Rohe (a huge German photographer!) bought my Mugshot Sign when it wasn't even for sale! She just found it off of Google! HOW COOL WAS THAT!?

I've been working on other stuff in the interim, so I'll be showing those as I get the time and energy. lol.

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