Sunday, January 12, 2014


In case you haven't been here before, (chances are that's a "yes") let me clue you in in just a few, blunt sentences:

  1. My husband and I can't have kids. 
  2. But we want kids.
  3. Therefore, we would like to adopt.
  4. We do not have the $20,000 to fund such adoption.
  5. I'm trying my hand at a fundraiser to earn said money.
  6. This fundraiser consists of, among other things, an Etsy shop selling paper crafts that I make.
  7. Read more here.

This blog is one way I'm promoting my stuffs and trying to get the word out there. I am shamelessly pinning my own work to Pinterest because I want a baby *that* bad. Sue me.

/the end.

Have you ever played the game Portal by Valve? A lot of guys I know have. Pretty much all of the guys I know have. The premise is easy: it's a puzzle. Each level you have to figure out how to get to the next level using a gun that creates a portal from one side of the room to the other. In one of the levels, a weighted companion cube appears to help you complete the level.

Weighted Companion Cube

This is the icon of the game. There are products upon products of this precious cube, even Adam and I own some: Stuffed "animal" Cube, Cookie Cutters, Cookie Jar, Fuzzy Dice, Coasters, Plush Turret, Potato, Hoodie, Silly Putty Gels, ...

WHOA. We own a LOT of Portal stuff. We should've invested in Valve stock. So... we're a little obsessed. We can't help it! It's just such an awesome game!

So awesome, in fact, that I had to make Portal Cards! I used some Google Images as my guide in making these.

I made a lot of variations, and I'll just post them all here

And then I made some cards out of a stick figure holding the cube, also using Google Images as a guide:

My obsession is clear. How many variations does a girl have to make of the same card? What's more sad is that I made more than just one card of each variation!

oy vey.

The good GREAT news is that I'm not the only one with this strange obsession. I hope this means I don't have to work very hard to sell some of these cards. In other words, I've pretty much convinced myself that nothing that I make is going to sell, but I think these will! I shouldn't get my hopes up though, eh?

As always, much love and sunshine,

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