Sunday, January 5, 2014


Fair warning: today's bonus word is "crap".

This is another crafty project fail. This one probably is too lame to be submitted to Pinstrosity, mostly because I think I know what I did wrong, but I'm too lazy to try to fix it.

Several years ago when we first bought this home and I was dubbing this back room as my craft room, I was trying to make some art to put up on the walls. I imagined my room would be a magazine picture Pinterest perfect room, with tidiness, art that made sense, and organization up the wazoo.

Throughout the years, I've realized that's entirely not me. I completely appreciate it and would love to have that in my house, but maybe just one room. I think that's what the living room is for. Yeah. I'll stick with that.

Anyway. The walls were bare. I don't like bare walls. I found these awesome DIY wall art pieces made from shoe box lids. Awesome! I had some of those! 



Here's as far as I got:


/end story. Ha, not really. I talk too much for that to be the end.

Why give up? Because I'm a quitter.

Shut up. I can hear your judgmental thinking. It's ok, I'm silently judging you because you're judging me.

Ok, I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning and I'm in a weird mood. Just work with me, here. We'll both get through this post together. 

I quit because it was a free project and I just didn't care. At first I didn't understand why it failed. I put the boxes in my "storage" (aka in a pile of other failed projects under my standing work station), and later realized that, duh, I was using the crappiest crap acrylic paint out there. It probably has "crap" listed as ingredients on the back of the box. 

The paint is called "Acrylic Paint". That's what it says on the box. No company name, just "Acrylic Paint". I'm looking at it right now. Why I've kept a box of crappy (and probably dried up) paint is a little beyond me, but honestly not so much... it's probably because I keep just about everything past its expiration date. 

/throws away box of crusty "Acrylic Paint".

Children, you get what you pay for. Buy some Gesso. Use some Folk Art as the minimum quality acrylic paint. Or just spray paint it with primer and cover with a cool spray paint, like the woman in the bottom tutorial did. That's what went wrong here. Read the tutorials. That's kinda what they're there for. To tutorialze you. Only, to be fair, the top tutorial lady just painted two coats of paint and was done. My boxes were painted four or five times. Fail.

Because my walls are filled with random crap, I might just decide to try this project again. Only this time I won't fail. I like random and disorganization sometimes. Like in this room. 

I would totally post a picture of my room if I wouldn't be judged for it!

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