Monday, January 13, 2014


This year I refused to pay for a calendar. Not for at work, not for in my craftination station, not for the family one on the fridge. Not even at the dollar store. With so much free going around online and with how much crap I already own, there was no way that I wouldn't be able to find something that works. Not only that, but something that worked perfectly

(I always end up liking what I find online better anyway.)

I had no problem finding these beauties - just a quick search and shortly down the list I saw one and then other. 

First one: the monthly calendar with space to write reminders for the fridge.

The calendar is held up with a magnetic strip attached to two pieces of plastic. The calendar it put in between the two plastic pieces, which is then held up on the fridge by the magnet. I tied a sharpie to a little piece that juts out from the top so that I can write on the calendar without scrambling in the junk drawer for a pen.

To pretty it up, I just put a piece of washi tape over it! 

I must admit that I didn't make this doo dad, although it probably sounds like I did. I actually took it off of a calendar a few years ago and reused it every year since. But it's a pretty cool solution if you ask me!

The next one is just something small for my craft room.  

You can't really tell, and yes this is an awful photo and an awful shot, but in front and center there is a little calendar. It's just over my monitor so all I have to do is move my eyes up and I can see!

I wanted something like a mini clipboard to put them on, but again, I refuse to spend any money, even if that means it's on an accessory! I put eyelets in the top corners of each month and then put a piece of hemp through the back and tied it to a push tack on the wall. Still cute, but not as cute as the clipboard would've been!

Can you tell I'm totally into the chalkboard fad!? LOVE. IT.

Next post: The Craftination Station Revamp. You're gonna love it.

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