Friday, January 3, 2014


Just a quick update on how my PaperCrafting project is coming along.

I have to buy a buncha products to get started, like a ream of 32 lb paper and an X-Acto knife. While I am waiting for those, I printed out Sibmer (my brother's character's name) on regular copy paper, greyscale:


Then I used my Neenah Solar White 80 lb paper that I use for MY paper crafting, in color:



The 80 lb paper is a little heavy and difficult to maneuver the tiny pieces. The tutorial suggested that I use 32 lb. I see why.

The tutorial also suggested that I use a marker to color the white sides of the paper so you don't see any white; only color. It suggested a black marker. It's too stark, and although you probably can't see from the photos, I used the black marker on both of the heads. I tried talking my brother into buying me Copics. Hah! 

I will what markers I already have... mostly Stampin' Up's Stampin' Write markers, and also a few Marvy LePlume II Markers. The arm piece has a Stampin' Up marker on the edge, and you can't tell! Not in the photo, not in real life! Success!

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Looks pretty easy so far, but I haven't gotten to the part where I have to assemble it all together! lawl.

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