Sunday, April 19, 2015


I've been a busy, busy bee the last few days!! Yesterday (Friday) I went crazy with the heat press and made a ton of stuff. One of the things I made was this wicked T-shirt for a friend's sister, Jessie. Here is my beautiful husband, Adam, modeling the shirt for me!

The front/outside.
He made that face on purpose.
Told you he was beautiful, didn't I? ;)

Aaaaand the inside! 

I double checked that I had the placement right about 298 times. Knowing me, I would've put the T-Rex on the inside of the backside, upside down. That's how brilliant I am. /nods.

I posted this on my business Facebook account and a long-time friend was super excited about it and wanted me to make a bunch of them for her to give as gifts! She said she'll get back to me as soon as she knows the sizes she needs!

Today I used that glitter that I talked about last post. Seven different colors of glitter has now claimed half of my kitchen table, the entire floor beneath it, every piece of clothing I'm wearing, and every inch of my skin. I would agree that
"glitter is the herpes of crafting. It never goes away".

Friday, April 17, 2015


It's about time to be honest. I'm just gonna jump right to it and tell you the big secret I've been keeping.

I'm addicted to Silhouette Cameo Creations, a group on Facebook. 

For people that have the cutting plotter, Silhouette, it's for people like those to share ideas, projects, and ask and answer questions and advice. I'm constantly on there, looking at other people's creations and sometimes I offer my wise wisdom to those in need. LOL.

Since being in this group for several months, it has increased my creativity, insight, helpfulness, knowledge, and sheer desire to craft. Happy. has REALLY become a business since I joined. I now have started crafting with vinyl instead of paper. I bought a heat press to make my creations professional instead of mediocre. I've thrown Hobby Lobby out of the window and invited API into my world and made them my best friend. I've created a Facebook site for Happy.. (thought to self: I should've really updated my blog AND FB at the same time to keep up with the blogging half of the world!)

I've invested SO. MUCH. into this, it's crazy and I love it. Sitting behind me are shirts in every size from newborn onesies to adult XL (soon to carry bigger sizes),  wine glasses, towels and towels and towels (dish ones), 2 different kinds of ring dishes, tons of plastic storage bins, stuffed animals, tote bags, tote bags, tote bags, and tote bags (SO many different colors, sizes and even patterns!), and in the kitchen are 72 mugs (red, white, and black) ready to be beautifized!

"Funny story" about those mugs... I opened up the first box and pulled out a mug. There was a giant paint "drip" down the side of it, like the color wasn't even and it looked awful and I couldn't sell that! So I went through that box. And the next one. And of course the next one. I found 24 (ONE THIRD) mugs that were defective, had drips like the one I just described, one had a chip out of it...

Most were not TERRIBLE, but definitely not sell-able!

I ordered everything online, and luckily, after several days, they are re-shipping a full box to me and it should be here in the next few days.

Speaking of the next few days.... Yesterday I asked my Facebook friends to choose a color from these options:

and didn't tell them what it's for (I love doing that). They picked the bright pink on the bottom, the dark purple on top, and then Adam chose the dark blue up top.

I'll be posting what I'm doing with the goods soon! I can't wait!! I love glitter!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I did it! I finally did it! I got the courage to inhale the fumes of my new heat press!

My first creation!

(To clarify, that's a and towel)

And my first shirt!!!

(That's where I live :))

Tomorrow I'm going to make some hand towels for a few "regular" customers, as well as some mugs and ring dishes!

This is all too exciting!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Today's big announcement has to do with the physical world. 

I strongly believe that mental illnesses are not something to be ashamed of. People should neither be afraid to admit any sicknesses, nor should others have a negative feeling towards those that are sick. I've talked before on my blog several times about my mental issues and struggles, so I don't try to hide it. In fact, I think it's better for people to know it about me so they don't wonder why I never leave the house, why I cry at everything, and sometimes why I am up all night long. Those of you that know me personally know that I prefer things in the internet/computer/craftination station world(s). Dealing with things in person is hard for me. 

One of the issues I'm going to really have to deal with is my agoraphobia (diagnosed by a dr, for reals), because... 

I've been invited to be a vendor at a store in downtown Manitowoc called Favorite Things! 

A lovely Tammy Potter saw my advertisement on a local Facebook buy/sell page for Easter baskets, and approached me. She said she'd love to see what I had and would love to have me come down to look at the store. 

The store is right smack in the middle of quaint Manitowoc downtown. There are other vendors that have rented space in the store - I guess the whole store is made of crafters/artists that bring their work there for display and purchase. 

I have so many ideas and things that I want to do. I need more time! I want to be able to put everything together tonight *and yes, leave my house,* and go to Favorite Things to drop everything off and help organize but I have orders to fill, pictures to watermark and put on the website or list on Etsy, the rest of my website to finish... then I have to make the product to go on the shelves! And I have to make forms for custom orders! And I have to put together catalogs for certain things - like for vinyl decals.

Omg I'm growing anxious just typing it out. 

Go work, woman!


Saturday, April 11, 2015


As it turns out, I have two big announcements (yesterday I said I only have one)! Life is such an adventure and this is a great month through and through!

My announcement for today is: 

I have my own domain!

Baahahhaaha! Happy Tessa land? Adam and I think it flows nice. I'd totally do, but it was taken. I would've done, but that was taken too.

The host I'm using has so many suffixes to choose from, it's unreal. I had no ideal those existed. There were options like .holiday, .Christmas, .ninja, .company,, and probably 20 others. I tried "happy" dot ANY suffix, but someone beat me to them. /sadface Once I saw .ninja, I totally wanted to do that, but Adam quickly talked me out of it.

Silly to be excited over something so tiny, but hey, it's a big deal for me! I'm really making my brand and sticking my head out there for all to see. I just wish I had more time!! MORE TIME, PLZ!

So feel free to take a gander at the products, and if you feel like shopping, my Etsy is tied right to that page as well. Just click the second button "shop" on the menu at the top of the page! 

Tomorrow I'll share with you my other adventure!


Friday, April 10, 2015




I really have no time to post but hey, I never do. And right now I'm just FREAKING THE EFF OUT AND HAVE TO SHARE!!!

I'm getting my heat press next week!! This is the next step in my growing "business"! (if you don't know about this, read to the bottom links.)

(A heat press is like a giant iron and is used to professionally customize T-shirts, onesies, sweatshirts... even flip flops!)

I ordered it weeks ago and it was on back order. ("but Tessa, why not order one that's already in stock if you want a heat press so bad?") Because after months of researching and saving up the $$, I wanted to buy **THE ONE**. 

I've been impatiently waiting for it to be in stock and to be shipped. Yesterday I realized I don't have something sturdy to put it on (it weighs 60 pounds), so now there's a quick hunt for that... but truly I don't even care. I'm going to use it even if I have to put it on the floor! 

I've also ordered a ton of clothing to start. Even though I got some shirts for as low as $2.00, it adds up FAST! You have to get men's small, medium, large, extra large (and how large do you go? Do you go up to 2XL? 3XL? I went up to just 1XL), then women's small, medium, large, extra large, then every children's sizes, toddler sizes, and onesies. People go CRAZY for onesies! Oh, and you have to get everything in more than one color, right? I kept everything white except I got black and red shirts in the adult sizes. 

I have so, so, so many ideas! It's killing me! I have 4 other orders that I have to finish before it comes! They're being worked on, but it's so hard to not get distracted!

If you want to see my distractions, things I'm working on, and ways to see more products and follow my business, you should look at and follow these:

1. Etsy: The best way to see updates here is to create an Etsy account and "Favorite" my shop and the items in my shop that you like

2. Facebook: make sure you actually "follow" my page, not just "like" it. That way you'll actually see my updates.

3. My "Always-Under-Construction" Website: I'm starting with a free but wonderful host (is that what you call it?) until I get everything constructed and working the way I want it. 

IF YOU HAVE A CRAFTING NEED BUT DON'T SEE THAT I OFFER IT, ASK ME ANYWAY! I do a lot of other things than are listed in any which link. I'm trying to make everything cohesive and flow, but right now it's just not happening. I like to do a lot of odd-ball orders, so please, ask!

I have a HUGE announcement that I'll share in a few days! Hang tight, peeps!