Friday, April 10, 2015




I really have no time to post but hey, I never do. And right now I'm just FREAKING THE EFF OUT AND HAVE TO SHARE!!!

I'm getting my heat press next week!! This is the next step in my growing "business"! (if you don't know about this, read to the bottom links.)

(A heat press is like a giant iron and is used to professionally customize T-shirts, onesies, sweatshirts... even flip flops!)

I ordered it weeks ago and it was on back order. ("but Tessa, why not order one that's already in stock if you want a heat press so bad?") Because after months of researching and saving up the $$, I wanted to buy **THE ONE**. 

I've been impatiently waiting for it to be in stock and to be shipped. Yesterday I realized I don't have something sturdy to put it on (it weighs 60 pounds), so now there's a quick hunt for that... but truly I don't even care. I'm going to use it even if I have to put it on the floor! 

I've also ordered a ton of clothing to start. Even though I got some shirts for as low as $2.00, it adds up FAST! You have to get men's small, medium, large, extra large (and how large do you go? Do you go up to 2XL? 3XL? I went up to just 1XL), then women's small, medium, large, extra large, then every children's sizes, toddler sizes, and onesies. People go CRAZY for onesies! Oh, and you have to get everything in more than one color, right? I kept everything white except I got black and red shirts in the adult sizes. 

I have so, so, so many ideas! It's killing me! I have 4 other orders that I have to finish before it comes! They're being worked on, but it's so hard to not get distracted!

If you want to see my distractions, things I'm working on, and ways to see more products and follow my business, you should look at and follow these:

1. Etsy: The best way to see updates here is to create an Etsy account and "Favorite" my shop and the items in my shop that you like

2. Facebook: make sure you actually "follow" my page, not just "like" it. That way you'll actually see my updates.

3. My "Always-Under-Construction" Website: I'm starting with a free but wonderful host (is that what you call it?) until I get everything constructed and working the way I want it. 

IF YOU HAVE A CRAFTING NEED BUT DON'T SEE THAT I OFFER IT, ASK ME ANYWAY! I do a lot of other things than are listed in any which link. I'm trying to make everything cohesive and flow, but right now it's just not happening. I like to do a lot of odd-ball orders, so please, ask!

I have a HUGE announcement that I'll share in a few days! Hang tight, peeps!


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