Sunday, April 12, 2015


Today's big announcement has to do with the physical world. 

I strongly believe that mental illnesses are not something to be ashamed of. People should neither be afraid to admit any sicknesses, nor should others have a negative feeling towards those that are sick. I've talked before on my blog several times about my mental issues and struggles, so I don't try to hide it. In fact, I think it's better for people to know it about me so they don't wonder why I never leave the house, why I cry at everything, and sometimes why I am up all night long. Those of you that know me personally know that I prefer things in the internet/computer/craftination station world(s). Dealing with things in person is hard for me. 

One of the issues I'm going to really have to deal with is my agoraphobia (diagnosed by a dr, for reals), because... 

I've been invited to be a vendor at a store in downtown Manitowoc called Favorite Things! 

A lovely Tammy Potter saw my advertisement on a local Facebook buy/sell page for Easter baskets, and approached me. She said she'd love to see what I had and would love to have me come down to look at the store. 

The store is right smack in the middle of quaint Manitowoc downtown. There are other vendors that have rented space in the store - I guess the whole store is made of crafters/artists that bring their work there for display and purchase. 

I have so many ideas and things that I want to do. I need more time! I want to be able to put everything together tonight *and yes, leave my house,* and go to Favorite Things to drop everything off and help organize but I have orders to fill, pictures to watermark and put on the website or list on Etsy, the rest of my website to finish... then I have to make the product to go on the shelves! And I have to make forms for custom orders! And I have to put together catalogs for certain things - like for vinyl decals.

Omg I'm growing anxious just typing it out. 

Go work, woman!


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