Sunday, April 19, 2015


I've been a busy, busy bee the last few days!! Yesterday (Friday) I went crazy with the heat press and made a ton of stuff. One of the things I made was this wicked T-shirt for a friend's sister, Jessie. Here is my beautiful husband, Adam, modeling the shirt for me!

The front/outside.
He made that face on purpose.
Told you he was beautiful, didn't I? ;)

Aaaaand the inside! 

I double checked that I had the placement right about 298 times. Knowing me, I would've put the T-Rex on the inside of the backside, upside down. That's how brilliant I am. /nods.

I posted this on my business Facebook account and a long-time friend was super excited about it and wanted me to make a bunch of them for her to give as gifts! She said she'll get back to me as soon as she knows the sizes she needs!

Today I used that glitter that I talked about last post. Seven different colors of glitter has now claimed half of my kitchen table, the entire floor beneath it, every piece of clothing I'm wearing, and every inch of my skin. I would agree that
"glitter is the herpes of crafting. It never goes away".

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