Monday, January 6, 2014


Two projects today!

The first one started out with a total "AH HAH" moment while watching TV. I thought of the manila files that are passed around the office with the string closure. How cute would that be?


I cut two circles with a circle die out of leftover cardboard I had lying around, then took a thick piece of scrapbook paper (not quite card stock), scored at ___ inches and ___ inches (I really have no idea, I made them up on the fly), attached the cardboard circles with brads, and then taped down the edges of the scrapbook paper. Last bit was just creating the infinity figure with the string.

waahh laahhh.

Done all by myself! No tutorial, no inspiration at all! ORIGINAL, DUDE. I'm sure someone else has thought of it though, and probably has 20 pictures of a step-by-step tutorial. 

The next project was done right after the first. If I could make that type of envelope, couldn't I do the same one, but without the twisty string? Of course I could.

I just so happened to have a tiny manila envelope lying around that someone gave me for some stupid reason.  I carefully took it apart and traced it.

I scored at the same spots the original envelope had, and then taped at the same spots. Done and done. Easiest project ever. No thinking necessary.

It irks me that some of the photos I imbed in posts post as vertical or horizontal, when they should be the other. This one is supposed to be horizontal, but has uploaded as vertical. WHY, BLOGGER, WHY!?

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