Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 33, 34, 35: Grandma Jean Goodell

I've been up since 5:30 this morning, when the sun got up. I don't want to wake anyone up so I'm on Adams iPhone waiting for it to be a decent time. Sorry for the typos, it s hard to type on this phone super accurately and I keep hitting the "done" button.

We got in early Thursday morning and I had such a hard time sleeping I only got 2 hours of sleep and didn't get any on the plane. We tried to nap when we got to my parent's house but with so many people it was nearly impossible and I think made us more grumpy. We went to PF Chang's for dinner and I took photos that I will upload when I get to a computer. My dad paid for every one of us. Adam got their hot and sour soup and neither one of us liked it. I got the egg drop soup because Ive had it before and knew I liked it. Adam tried it and really liked it too. I got crab wontons which were absolutely delectable... Adam tried a bite for the sole reason being he was starving. I knew he wouldn't like it, it doesn't have anything he would like... He despises all types of seafood and I was shocked he tried it! I wasn't shocked he hated it and chased it with a full glass of water. For the main entree I got sesame chicken (my favorite!) and Adam got Pepper Steak which he devoured. He's never really eaten Chinese food before and I was proud that he was able to find something he absolutely loved. Their mini desserts are fabulous and everyone let each other have a bite. Drew had carrot cake, mark had chocolate cake (this was my favorite), Adam had apple pie and I had red velvet cake. Ok I guess when I mean "everyone" I just mean the few on my end of the table. We also shared/tried each others main courses. Mark had Ginger chicken I think, it was really good. I don't remember what anyone else had except for Amy at the other end of the table. Her Kung Pao Chicken was really dry and tasteless.

Yesterday was a slow day of nothing but passed so fast. We played games, ate leftovers from the night before, went to Hobby Lobby and found some African Violets. The violets were the only request my grandma had that was hard to fulfill. She wanted a bouquet of them wrapped in a handkerchief when she is buried. Luckily they are right in season but no florists had any and my sisters called every number in the phone book. Better yet when we went to Hobby Lobby we couldn't find fake ones either. Adam and I tried to find an employee that worked in that department that could help us look for them. We ended up going to the register and were told she was out to lunch. I asked if there was anyone that could help us. The lady asked what we were looking for and she said she grows them in her garden so she could certainly help us look. When we told her what it was for she became really determined and even suggested we come pick some out of her garden! In the end she suggested we try Lowe's or Home Depot. Adam called Lowe's right up (literally down the street - you walk outside the doors of Hobby Lobby and you see the Lowe's sign) and they had some! How perfect was that!

Late-ish last night my brother Scott and his family arrived. They drove from Denver and his wife Amy brought all the flowers for the funeral today since she has a wholeseller's license for doing wedding flowers. When they arrived, my brother Coray was moving his car so Scott could back up into the driveway for easy unload of the flowers. He wasn't paying attention, turned too quickly out of the driveway, and demolished the brick mailbox at the end of the driveway and put a pretty good dent in his brand new (2011!) Ford. I felt so bad for him. I'll take pictures today after the funeral.

The first night we arrived here we stayed with my parents. They have limited space and we got kicked out of the bed (not really kicked out, we knew we only had the bed for one night) to let Scott and Amy have it while they are here. With so many people at my parents house and our sanity running thin, we asked my brother Rob and his wife Ann if we could bum a ride with them up to Bountiful to sleep in their spare bedroom like we have been doing for he past two Christmases. I think that was an awesome choice, I get a little bit of sleep which makes me less cranky which makes everyone happy. Adam and I definitely aren't used to a loud house and it's ridiculous how much noise we can't handle. It also helps with shower limitations... I think there are 10 people at my parents this morning that have to share 2 showers. It would've been 12 with us there.

The viewing is at 9:30. We plan to arrive at 10 or so. I don't have any waterproof mascara so I hope I can hamper my emotions today. Grandma had a lot of jewelry and my mom is having every girl and woman take a piece or pieces that they want. I took a broken, gold butterfly brooch/pin, a Target ring my mom bought her for this coming up mothers day that of course she never received, a single pearly earring (it had no partner) and a red clutch. Also a hankie, everyone gets a hankie. I'll wear her green gemstone ring that I blogged about earlier this week and her clutch today.

It's taken me two hours to type this entry on this iPhone. I'm hungry and my wrists hurt!! And I'm sick of hitting the "done" button when I'm obviously not done!! I'll post 100 pictures when I can.

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  1. It was a beautiful funeral, and your grandmother was an amazing lady!!


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