Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 6: Um...

Dude. I worked out. 30 whole minutes on the treadmill. 150 or something calories. I'm so proud! I'm gonna work off this weight so fast I won't even know it hit me.

I also found an awesome website.

I didn't do anything interesting and it's frikken freezing outside so instead I will inspire you with a card I made last month for Adam's Dad's 50th birthday.

I wanted to make it masculine but I find that really difficult to do. I initially started to make a dark blue and orange card since he's a Bears fan, but it was turning out super tacky. I scrapped the card and started again. I started by hand cutting circles and aging them with ink.

Then die cut letters to spell out "happy birthday" and used some wood cutouts for "50" and aged them also with ink. Glued everything together.

Once I cut off the circles on the sides I was done.

The inside was a bit awkward but I didn't care, I liked it.

I find cards to be challenging - moreso than scrapbook pages. I love this lady. She makes minimalist cards and is so inspiring!


  1. That is a really cool card! Nice job!

  2. Hey Tessa!!!

    I think you should totally sell this stuff on ETSY! The things you make fore scrap booking, cards, all that custom paper type stuff!

    I think it would be a hit!

    !!!EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!! :)

    anyway IMO i think you would rock the house.

    love you! Loving the blog!


Thanks, mango! You're a fabulous person and there needs to be more people like you that comment on awesome posts.