Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 10: Vigorous Volunteering

I started off today by waking up to soothing ocean sounds from my alarm clock. Bright and early at 7:30 AM. I volunteered all morning for an organization called Americore. They basically go to schools and have events to prevent kids from doing drugs, smoking, drinking and having sex. I did some pretty menial tasks. They asked if I wanted to come back. I took her card... I'm not sure yet. I wanted to see where my other volunteering opportunities would take me and to see if I felt like I did something worthwhile with my time. In the afternoon I met with a lady who can pair me up with some 50 different non-profit organizations in the county. She has a ton of opportunities and is going to refer me out to like 6 organizations.

As far as creativity went today - I got in "The Zone." I say that to Adam whenever I kinda don't want to be bothered or at least interrupted by other projects because I'm really into what I'm doing. This usually refers to scrapbooking but can also come in handy when I need to clean. Or do laundry. Or really anything. I started a wedding card for my really great friend Cari that's getting married on May 6th. Since I lost my job I can no longer afford the plane ticket out there. Super sad frown. I'm not going to show you the card because I'm not sure I like where it's going, but I can show you some ideas:

See that flower!? In the center with the little circles punched around the edges!? I MADE THAT SHIZZ! I learned from this video on YouTube. I like her accent.

I also was on a mission to make cinnamon roll icing like from Cinnabon or Pillsbury. The recipe I had was dull/bland. And I DID IT. My Rhode's Rolls Cinnamon Rolls (say that 3 times fast) turned out pretty good. It was a little doughy but I kind of like them that way.


I also took some pictures of Coco. None of which turned out well:

Tomorrow: more "Zone"-ness and fold the damn laundry! That shizz has been laying there for two weeks! GAH!

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