Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 25: You Love Nerds. Admit it.

Per my cousin Natali's request, I'm going nerdtastic this post with love for a new game, Rift.

Rift is a computer game. It is called an MMORPG which stands for "Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game." There is a monthly fee of $15, not including the cost to purchase the actual game ($50). So... it's played on the internet. With thousands of others. You create a character on either the "light" or the "dark" side. Can be thought of as good and evil, but that's not really true. It's like Democrats versus Republicans - both think they're right. Then you pick your class. This game only has four classes - warrior (beat bad guys in the face and usually take all the hits from the bad guys), rogue (beat bad guys in the back and do lots of damage), cleric (cast magical spells on bad guys to hurt them or can heal teammates/good guys when they are hurt by the bad guys), and mage (also cast magical spells to hurt bad guys).

Then you enter the world. It's a fantasy world, obviously since classes can cast spells. You talk to computer characters (called NPCs for Non-Person-Character) and these guys give you a quests to complete for money and experience. You kill bad guys which range from goats and bears to evil conspiring goblins and sprites.

But that's the generic of any MMORPG game. What makes Rift cool is that there are only four classes. Within each class you have eight options as far as what type of class you want to be. Click here for a visual of what I'm talking about.

So let's say I'm a rogue (because I am). I can be one of these: nightblade, ranger, blade dancer, assassin, riftstalker, marksman, saboteur or bard.

Let's say I choose to be a blade dancer (also because I am). I stab bad guys with daggers and swords really fast and do lots of damage.

But wait! I can be more than just a blade dancer! Soon I'm able to choose ANOTHER class! Let's say I choose to be a riftstalker (because I did). Not only can I stab bad guys with daggers and swords, but I can cast magical spells on myself to protect me from said bad guys. Making me harder to kill. Rawr!

BUT WAIT AGAIN! I can be MORE than just a blade dancer AND riftstalker? Hell to the yes! Let's say I choose to be a bard (Any guesses as to why? Because I am). Now I'm a super-powerful stabber that protects myself with magic AND I sing. That's right, I sing. I sing beautiful melodies that magically hurt bad guys or protect myself and/or my friends.

What a badass. I can sing my enemies to death.

That's what makes this game so cool. I can choose any of the eight options within my class to play whatever I want. I want to sing? Cool, I can do that. I want to shoot bad guys with arrows like Legolas? Sweet, that's an option too. I want to throw bombs on bad guys like terrorists? Not a problem. I want to be invisible and leap out of the shadows and violently rip the bad guy's head off like a gory horror film? Sure... if you're into that sort of thing.

I want to shoot with arrows, bomb like a terrorist, and leap from the shadows like a horror film all at once. Ok, done.

Wait, I don't want to be a terrorist anymore, I want to sing. After a little work and a little money, done.

That's what makes thing game so awesome! That's what I think anyway.


I think I'm done nerdraging for a few minutes. I need to print some coupons, work out and get ready for my Big Brothers Big Sisters interview later today. Wish me luck.

Oh and because I have to post a picture, here.

This was taken last year. I obviously fell asleep playing Wii.


  1. So, once you have been playing for some time, do you think you will like it more than WoW? My husband liked the Online Star Trek but what I didn't like about that is that it assigned you a server randomly and you would run around in cities alone. What is it like on Rift?

  2. I already like it better than WoW. You get to choose your server - they call it "shard" instead of "server". It has professions just like WoW, auction house, bank, raids, guilds. It's just a better version I think.


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