Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 8: Lazy

Sundays are great days. Great days to do literally nothing.

A few days ago Adam told me he wanted homemade pizza for dinner. Ok, that's super easy. I just have to take a handful of Rhode's Rolls and set them out the counter in the morning so they can de-thaw and rise during the work day. Only problem is that my huge bag of rolls were all stuck together and I couldn't take just a few rolls out. I had to de-thaw the entire 70-some rolls. That's a lot of rolls for 2 small-ish people.

The pizza turned out ok. Then I had to make pizza today too. Even yet I had a ton of rising dough that was about to explode out the package in my refrigerator.

I improvised. I made some cinnamon rolls and a dozen extra-hugely-ginormous garlic rolls. We have so much bread I don't know what to do with it all. I've eaten two rolls and we haven't even touched the cinnamon rolls yet. I didn't have any milk so I couldn't put any glaze over the top when they came out of the oven. And I'm still not even sure that they turned out ok - I haven't tried making cinnamon rolls from Rhode's Rolls before. That's on my to-do list on Tuesday.

As for my picture today, I tried to capture a precious moment but the camera turning on ruined it. I tried to take a cute picture of the Coco snuggled in Adam's lap while he was playing Pokemon on his DS.

The whole evening was spent at Adam's parent's house watching TV. That's a treat for us since we don't have cable/dish. I found a new show that I love: Holmes on Homes. Or Holmes Inspection. Something like that. I just flat out love HGTV.

We ended the night with a new movie, The Kids Are All Right. Adam played his Pokemon game throughout the movie. It's a super awkward movie. I noticed Jerrod (Adam's brother) and I looked away at the same times throughout the movie. At least it wasn't as bad as The Hours. That movie will go down in time as the worst movie I have ever picked.

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