Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24: Whoa

I'm a slacker. Whatev'. So be prepared for 7 days worth of entries in one post. And lots of pictures.

Really I'm just a girl struggling with many internal battles. Let's be frank, anyone that knows me knows what an emotional wreck I am. I'm a self-proclaimed bipolar freak.

I haven't updated in nearly a week for many reasons. Last week was busy cleaning and building bookshelves and trying to figure out how people know how to make walls look good with wall art/pictures (see exhibit A, B and C, below).

Exhibit A: Things that need to find homes on walls in this home.

Exhibit B: Threw one on the wall using existing nail and laughed.

Exhibit C: One thing on wall - a shelf. Doesn't seem anything fits well around it.

Saturday we bought Rift, a new online game like World of Warcraft or EverQuest. We played that game the entire weekend. But let me start at the last day I didn't update and work my way to present.

Day 19: Thursday. I cannot remember what I did, honestly. I checked my Facebook and I didn't even change my status so no clues there. I checked my email and found that Adam's friend/coworker Alex emailed me and said he put a DVD of season 2 of Glee in my mailbox for me to watch. So that was obviously a full Gleek (Glee + Geek = Gleek?) day.

Day 20: Friday. I know I watched more Glee, but I did quite a bit more than that. I needed a new bookcase since Adam broke mine and I had been searching for about a week for a good price on one. I didn't want anything fancy, just something that would hold my books and had a good price tag. Everything I found was well over $100 or looked ancient and/or not sturdy (used). I went to Wal Mart on Friday and I found a 5 shelf bookcase in black for $25! There was also a 3 shelf one for $15, but I already had a 3 shelf one that I've outgrown. So I put it together before Adam came home from work.

Nice and simple.

When Adam got home we went to Hobby Lobby to look at some trunks that I wanted to use in our living room. They were having a special last week with 40% off any one item of regular price. We got this beauty for $50!

Being used as a makeshift coffee table and place to put small blankets.

We headed over to Wal Mart and we picked up a TV stand to replace this Microwave stand we were using as a TV stand for 2 years.

I meant to blog that day and I even took pictures of Adam and Coco trying to put the stand together.

It didn't work - a piece was broken and another was warped and wouldn't allow other pieces to fit. We returned it to Walmart the next day which I will get to in a bit.

Day 21: Saturday. We woke up at 11:30 and immediately got ready to go to a brat fry in Whitelaw for aforementioned friend Alex. Alex's girlfriend's name is Jillian and her dad has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They've been doing a lot of fundraisers this year so they can hopefully do a 5000-mile walk for MS in September. It's not 5000 miles but it's something just as ridiculous... 50 miles? They have to raise $2000 by then or they can't even participate in the walk. I had a cheeseburger and a brat and Adam had 2 brats. Dang they were good.

After Whitelaw we went to Wal Mart and got a different TV stand - one that was even cheaper!

On Friday Adam got his Game Informer. A magazine that has articles and reviews and such on new and upcoming video games. In this issue there was an article about Rift and how much better it is from World of Warcraft. He wouldn't stop talking about the game. So after 30 minutes of Adam trying to make me tell him it was ok to get the stupid game, we finally got it.

Because I'm a video game nerd to an extent that would embarrass and bore most females, I will go into detail about Rift probably another day.

Day 22: Sunday. April 17, 2011. Two years ago this day is when Adam flew out to Utah to meet me. That was a fabulous long weekend together in Salt Lake City. So what did we do to celebrate? We played Rift. Just like two nerds that met on World of Warcraft are expected to do.

Day 23: Monday. Yesterday I was having a rough morning. I spoke to Adam about it last night in bed. He's so good to me. He never minds talking about how down on myself I get when I'm unemployed.

I was reading in one of my journals a few weeks ago. When I was in high school I wrote "I feel better when I take care of myself - shower, makeup and clothes that make me feel attractive." It's so simple but it really does help. Since I lost my job I've found it hard to do that. Gross? Absolutely. Unattractive? Of course. Why is Adam still around? Beats me, ask him. It takes a lot out of me to force myself to get ready for the day. Why bother? I'm not going to be going anywhere. I don't have a job, I don't have money to spend, Coco doesn't care if I'm wearing freshly laundered sweatpants or if I'm wearing the same T-shirt for the third day in a row. I have to remind myself that I have to live for me, not for someone else or do things because someone else approves. Shouldn't that come naturally? To do things because YOU want to do them?

This no-job nonsense is rough. I need something to distract me. On a daily basis. I did some work for my friend Erin last night and today. She sent me a check yesterday for a project I did a few weeks ago. I'm lucky to have someone awesome like her that really looks out for my well being.

Day 24: Today. It's snowing outside. With some pretty intense thunders. It's April, I think everyone in the United States can agree that we are more than ready for Spring.

This is what it looks like from the living room. It's far too cold in my house to even think about going outside to take a stupid picture of stupid snow for readers that read this far into this stupid post.

To conclude, I shall enlighten you with a few songs I am IN.LOVE.WITH and have in a playlist on my iTunes called "Spam Spam Spam and Eggs". Music and singing loudly helps me be happy.
  1. Michael Bublé - Feeling Good
  2. My Chemical Romance - Sing
  3. 30 Seconds to Mars - Alibi
  4. Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

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