Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 12: Addictions

I have an addictive personality. Anyone that knows me can clearly see that. This has been a bad and a good thing. It's good when it comes to games because that means Adam has someone to play games with all night long. It's good and bad when it comes to scrapbooking... good because it gives me a creative release but bad because it's so expensive.

Last night when I couldn't sleep I started to think about scrapbooking and what embellishments would look good with what wedding photos I have yet to scrap. In one project I envisioned using baker's twine, which looks something like this:

And I thought I could use a work-around with plain white and red sewing strings to make my own homemade twine. Yeah, it didn't really work out. I took over two hours to try to justify buying some for my project and in the end the twine won.

I worked on a few layouts today and have some good basics down:

And I also started to make some embellishments for a new layout:

My addictive personality is also bad when it comes to food. I eat like I don't care about my weight. But I do. I used to be a smoker until I moved to Wisconsin to be with Adam. He helped me ween myself off so I could quit. Eating healthy like I did when I weighed 50 pounds lighter is harder than quitting smoking. I've struggled with my weight since my teenage years. I would work out religiously - doing a minimum of 500 crunches a day. Shortly after high school I slowly gained about 60 pounds and wasn't able to lose it until my first marriage ended. Since Adam and I's wedding in July I've gained back the 50 pounds I lost two years ago. It's been getting me down a lot recently and I've been trying to make myself feel better by eating copious amounts of Starbursts. Oh, the irony.

**I wrote this post on the day I was supposed to post it, on 4/7. It's now 4/9 at 9:30 pm and I cannot remember where I was going with this last paragraph. I'll leave it as is and maybe in a future post I'll continue my train of thought.**

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