Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 11: Craftilicious

I've been in the zone all afternoon. I tried to continue on Cari's wedding card but I just set it aside. I'm at a road block and I need to step away from the project for at least a few hours. I tried to make a scrapbook page but I had so much shizz on my desk that I was just getting frustrated. I saw a bunch of boxes in the corned and I started organizing.

Viola! (is that how you spell it?) A clean scrapbook room!

What, you don't think this is clean? HA! For me this is squeaky clean for my crafting area!

In my organizing/cleaning I saw heaps of loose ribbon and I remembered something I saw on one of my favorite sites, Damask Love. You can read about her much more creative project here. I did my own cheapo version and I'm pretty dang proud of it.

I started with part of the top of a box that I cut off and used my handy X-ACTO knife to cut notches on the side.

I'm waiting to get a 10% off coupon for Lowe's before I get the paint. Paint is expensive and adds up! Once this room is painted I plan to get the room a lot more organized and tidy.

I DID do some actual crafting today. I scrapped the epic pictures of Erin rocking out hard core.

I will end with my stapler:

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