Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 36 & 37: Costumes and Irons

It's pretty late and I should be sleeping to prepare for lots of ironing and work tomorrow to help Cari with her wedding on Friday, but I finally got to a computer today. I spent some time over the last few days at my brother Rob's house uploading 80 or so photos to a new Flickr account I created so I could easily blog about them, but I never had a chance to blog about them. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family and Adam before I dropped Adam off at the airport and left for Cari's house today.

Instead of posting about previous days and photos I just want to talk about today.

After I dropped Adam off at the airport today I stopped by Mask Costumes, a costume store and rental in Salt Lake City. Cari's wedding is themed Steampunk and I had been trying for about a week now to find pieces that would fit the genre but would be cheap. I wasn't having much luck. Mask Costumes is a fabulous place. I walked in and told the ladies behind the counter I needed Steampunk things and I was immediately directed to two locations in the store that had accessories that were exactly Steampunk. I asked if they had any clothing and she directed me upstairs.

There was one woman upstairs with rows and rows of costume clothing. She asked me questions as far as if I liked to dress up and such and I said "I don't really know how to answer any of your questions, I'm bad at things like this. I don't know much about Steampunk so I'm kind of just trusting you to hook me up." I think she was a little timid at first but I think in the end loved being able to do what she thought was best. I tried on a lot of different items - different tops, corsets, hats, gloves, chokers... I didn't have to say much of anything and I think the outfit turned out fabulous. I loved the level of service I got. I spent probably 45 minutes with Holly (I believe that was her name) with pure one-on-one time. She also asked to take a picture for their Facebook. I was able to snap a few shots of myself in the mirror while she was looking for a hat.

Photo is missing boots, top hat & goggles, cane, gloves and choker.

She came back upstairs with some awesome goggles that I ended up purchasing.

When I got to Cari's, Gary wasn't there but the door was unlocked. I walked in and found Cari's nieces, Remy and Evelyn (I don't know how they're spelt) in the backyard. Cari's brother-in-law Lincoln came out and we chatted for a good bit before they went back inside. It was good to catch up!

Gary came home after I left to go to Wal Mart to kill time and I was able to watch The Other Guys, a movie I started watching last week but wasn't able to finish. When Cari came home from work she had me start ironing the cloth napkins.

Part of my job for tomorrow to finish.

What I've finished so far! Just need to fold and put into boxes for transport.

Another project for tomorrow or the next day - more ironing. This project is going to turn out ADORABLE.

I also hope to create an awesome Nerf gun. Gary is awesome at these. He takes a gun that looks like it should for kids:

And makes it into something that doesn't look anything like the original product:

These are two different models of Nerf guns (it's late and I'm not sure anymore that's what they're called. Nerf guns?). I will have to purchase the more expensive one, the one that's not painted, because the bottom one requires you to have moderate hand strength to shoot, of which I have none.

I miss my husband already but I think the last half of this trip will go by fast with so much to do. I'm excited for this fun wedding!

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