Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 56: Lobby is my Hobby

I went to my favorite store today, Hobby Lobby, and I wanted to share some fabulous purchases for 66% off.

Cupcakes! The figure on the right is from Erin, not what I got today.
Bucket for pens, pencils, scissors and rulers.

Box for something I don't know yet but I have more organizing to do yet.

I didn't buy this today but I finally assembled another paper organizer that I got about a month ago.

Candles! The one on the right is a fake one.
I hated my jewelry box so I made my own! Found these two fabulous pieces today and had Adam nail the shelf in the bathroom.

Bad lighting!

I ordered this online last week and I love it! Holds my ink blenders.

Coco has no head. She was shaking her head right as I snapped the photo.

Adam has started to call Coco his evil cat.

Getting ready to put up my vinyl! Hopefully I can post pictures tomorrow!
The world did not end today. I did buy more water for storage but looks like I won't be needing it until the next Doomsday.

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  1. Fun goodies! I'm excited to see what your vinyl will look like!


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