Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 40, 41, 42, 43, 44: Yeesh

I had to boot my computer into Safe Mode this afternoon. Yesterday I was so desperate to watch the newest episode of America's Next Top Model that I went to a shady website to download it. Bad idea. AVG AntiVirus found several objects yesterday and moved them to the vault, but today my computer was inoperable. Literally. I had my cool mouse pointer with a peach background. No icons, no start bar, nothing. It looked a little something like this:

Nothing else. Just a gross color.

I did a full system scan yesterday for viruses and again this morning, neither scan vaulted anything. Now that I'm in safe mode and having a mini panic attack, Adam told me to scan it again after he heard I backed everything up onto his computer. I think he had a little panic attack himself when I told him. Oops.

This is what my AVG screen looks like in Safe Mode. And this is it telling me how screwed I am. Six viruses and counting.

I'm so frustrated. I just bought some new music on iTunes and my computer is dumb and hasn't let me burn anything onto blank discs for about two years now. It's probably my hard drive and we've been talking for a long time to get me a new one.

Anger. Rage. Embarrassment.

I had two phone interviews last week. One went OK - it was for a temporary agency to be the person that finds temporary workers, not to be the actual temp worker. The other one went well - it was for Americollect, the company my husband works for. Another company, a law firm in a neighboring city, called me for an interview last a week before Friday and the rude woman told me she didn't want to bother with waiting for me since I was in Utah because of my grandma's death. Heartless woman, I'm better off not wasting my time with them anyway. I had an interview this morning for Holden & Hahn, a law firm 30 minutes South in Sheboygan. It went really well. We'll see!

I think I wanna change the name of my blog. I wanted to be cool and be like everyone else and have my last name and another word that started with the same letter as my last name. (Hense Ridic Rathsacks, my wedding blog, and Rare Rathsack Report). So if I break links so you can't read my AWESOME blog somehow, let me know. I know my bad grammar and run-on rants are the highlight of your day/week.

I'm not going to bother uploading any photos of the rest of my trip until my computer is fixed. I have done a bit of scrapping so be prepared for a usual Tessa-Photo-Overload post ASAP.

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