Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 60 - 62: Let Me Eat Cake!

I've realized I offically suck at this 365 Project. I just am not following through on posting every day! I've been gardening (more on that later) and it's been eating up most of my time at home. Today we saw The Hangover, Part 2 (super funny, although a little too sexually graphic for my liking), went to Adam's parents and ate hamburgers and brats, and watched How To Train Your Dragon (adorable!).

An old friend that I stalk via Facebook posted a link to an awesome blog today. I've been reading and drooling at her pictures all afternoon. Sweetapolita. I wanted to share some beautiful art with you today.

Three layer asparagus cake. Made with fondant and colored to look like real asparagus. Read about it here.

Eight layer asparagus cake. Revision of the above-mentioned cake. Read about it here.

Bridal couture cake. Details on this cake plus several others in a baking class in her post. Read about it here.

Inside out Neapolitan cake. Read about it here.

Rich chocolate malted & toasted-marshmallow cake. Read about it here.

Rainbow doodle birthday cake. Read about it here.

Dark chocolate & raspberry buttercream cake. Read about it here.

I hope you can appreciate the talent this woman has as much as I have. Tomorrow I hope to take some pictures of my silly pots and plants to share. For now I think I need to pass out! Hooray for long weekends!

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