Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 50 - 55: Para Legal Ness

I would've loved to have updated earlier this week but with my new job I had a hard enough time making time for simple things like eating. I was able to make fajitas (special recipe with brown sugar!) yesterday and had a bowl of ice cream for dessert.

I love my job. I work in a small law firm in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It takes about 35 minutes to drive to work which isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I first moved to Wisconsin two years ago, I found a job in Green Bay and my commute was an hour. No fun!

I didn't scrapbook at all the last two days. I didn't feel like I would ever be able to get this album done and I was getting so stressed out. I wasn't spending any time with Adam and we both were on edge and grumpy at each other constantly. It was good to take a bit of time off and play games with him. Today I decided to crack down and work on it... and I finished it! HA! I'll be keeping it at least for the weekend to work on more details that I overlooked just to call it "done".

These didn't load in order that they'll be put in the album but you get the idea:

I've uploaded this photo several times but it won't load right-side up. I love these typewriter keys from Tim Holtz!

It's actually 140.6 miles total, but I didn't have room!
I'll probably work on this page this weekend, it's pretty bland.

See "crackle" effect on tag?

Crackle effect on border.
"Getting wrecked at the dive" means they got drunk at a bar called "The Dive". Erin told me to make that caption. And do you see that drive thru store on top? You LITERALLY drive through the store. Ridic!

I just ordered the white and black Inkssentials enamel accents - I love this product!

I embossed the stamp in the lower left and I burnt the photo! It bubbled and smelt. Oops. Can you tell?

Erin said Kate was relatively disappointed that she didn't collapse or wasn't unbearably exhausted after the triathalon. Apparently she trained so well that it wasn't as bad as she expected. I suppose that's a good problem to have!!

The glue oozed out onto the ribbon I dyed made it bleed weird. Good thing I'm not going for a perfectionist theme.

This page didn't turn out as well as I was hoping. The background was blue and I used blue distress inks to age, but I think it just came out looking dirty. Oh well, I'm not redoing it!

So excited for this to be done! Adam loves it so I hope Erin and Kate love it too.


  1. I do, I DO!!! I think I'm going to print this blog out and just put it with the Scrap Book- she would love to see all of this. Just the other day Kate and I were sitting around and i sighed and said.... "I miss Tessa"... Kate looks up, slant smiles and said... "me too"... We miss you and love you honey! She is going to fall for this and I'm just stunned by how talented you are! hmmm Meg's pregnant... maybe a baby scrap book is coming up next year (if its not too stressful) ;) . Can't wait to see it in person I'll take pictures of me giving it to her so you can see and post them up here!

  2. Wow! That is impressive. How did you get the crackle effect?

  3. Crackle effect is easy -

    Crackle Accents!


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