Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 57: Lady Gaga Goes Country?

Mondays are days that I don't get much done. We always go over to my in-laws for dinner and the new episode of House (interesting season ender tonight, yeah!?)

I was able to package up the scrapbook (with my awesome colorful duct tape, nonetheless!).

And I bought a new CD drive since mine can't write CDs anymore and a new battery for my camera since it died. Although I like Adam's iPhone 4 camera so much - it takes such amazing photos for a phone. Sheesh. And the spoiled baby got it for free!

When I was cleaning up today I found a receipt from Kohl's, one of my favorite store, and wanted to share!

Saved over 5x what I spent! HA!

Since Adam got a fancy iPhone 4 I inherited his iPhone 3G (to be used as an iPod Touch, I don't have phone service) to replace my iPod Shuffle my brother gave me years ago. The shuffle was great when scrapbooking because it clipped right onto my clothes so it went where I went. With the iPhone I didn't have an easy way to hook it to my body without getting a dumb workout strap for my arm. So I got a super fancy docking station. And dude I love Amazon - this thing got amazing reviews and was 50% off at $60ish.

On Facebook, Amazon said that for today only they were selling Lady Gaga's new CD on MP3, Born This Way, for 99 cents. Really? A dollar for the entire CD? I was all over that shizz.

I love her crazy!

Her 13th track that I'm listening to right now sounds country. So strange.

I spoil myself. I justify it because we have the money and I get insane deals.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to work on my wedding scrapbook again. It's been well over a month - it needs some love!

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