Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 39: Yard Work

Let me preface with my wrists are killing me and it's 12:30 in the morning and I have a phone interview at 8:30. But since I can't sleep because I jinxed myself by telling Adam I've been sleeping great here, I'm going to post some before & after photos from Gary and I's hard work today!

Because I'm me, I can't remember what details I've posted about so I'll just repeat myself. Cari's wedding is at her parent's house. Cari and her mother didn't take today off so it was just Gary and I to try to get the backyard ready for Friday. We were supposed to have additional helpers but long story short we didn't. Cari's dad mowed the acre lawn though, that was very helpful.

Our first task was to de-weed/de-grass this "flower bed". If you think this is an easy task you are sorely mistaken. This took me about 4 hours. Maybe 5.



Another angle before:


Another angle after:

I'm super proud of this flower bed. My wrists, knees and back were killing me from the beginning but I didn't stop until it was finished. I was very lucky to have Gary help breaking up the soil and Cari's mother's friend Lisa Marie came to help for about an hour and did all the planting.

More before and after photos:









Before (dirty):

After (pressure washed & drying):


After (YES, this IS progress):

Another After:


No "after" shot for this because I forgot but the grass is cut around it and it's a cute area, methinks.

No "before" shots but wanted to share anyway:

 (photo opportunity shot, I'll post pictures when it's done!)

Other photo opportunity shots

Cari and I finished one of her really cute projects. I'll post pictures of the actual final product when we set it up tomorrow:

And we still have all the food to cook tomorrow and all this to do:

Pressure wash patio where dancing will be:

Add lights from side of house to fence:

Clean out dead leaves by dancing area (partially done):

Plant flowers in bed by dancing area:

Pressure wash deck, tables, chairs, side of house, etc, etc:

Put all wood on driveway under deck:

 Find a home for the van:

Move junk in one of the garages/sheds:

Hide heavy power tools:

Pressure wash driveway

 Clean entry from deck to house for bathroom users:

Plant flowers in pots and flower beds:

Something I can't remember:

Clean up what I call the "transition" - the area from the grass to the dancing area. I doubt this will get done or even touched:

 Clean my shoes or buy new ones:

It's now 1:30. I think I can sleep now. Oh, and I think I figured out what was making me so dang dizzy all the time:

You think?

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