Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Halloween party turned out awesome!! The decorations, beetlejuice drink and gross food was a big hit!


Eyeballs (white chocolate covered oreos with gummy life savers)

Fur of Werewolf (floral moss) and Snakes (rubber, from Wal Mart)

Earthworms (Jello)

Bottled Swamp Fog (white tulle)

Zombie Apocalypse (yellow Betty Crocker cake mix and Pillsbury cream cheese frosting w/ green dye) 

Baby Dragon Scales (chips)

Vampire Fangs (fake teeth) and Life Renewal Potion (fake blood)

Vampire Blood (Beetlejuice) with hand (water in latex glove, frozen)

Dead Man's Fat (my special 6-layer bean dip) and Moon Dust (sand)

Mummified Mammoth Centipedes (chocolate covered pretzels)

Human Flesh

Poison (Hi-Lighter in hot water)

Poison - Ethylene Glycol (homemade lava lamp - oil and water, drop in alka seltzer)

Ghost lights!

Erin and Jerrod

Playing Dominion

We had Jerrod bring over his TV and Xbox so they could play Call of Duty

Air Bear making nomnoms

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