Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I don't have much to say today. It's been one hell of a long weekend, and I mean that literally. Grandpa Zip died Wednesday morning of a massive heart attack and I've spent every day since then with the family and baking, cooking dinners, cleaning and making cards. Yesterday was the funeral. It's so depressing seeing Grandma in so much pain she can't eat or hardly stand.

Adam's birthday was Saturday and I still made goodies and everyone still came over. I took a few pictures of those and I'll be posting those someday. I took a few quick snapshots of the cards I made for the family and I'll post them soon.

Today I have two miscellaneous projects.

I'm making a mini album that holds my bucket list. This one has been a real challenge - I can't even complete the cover!

This card was whipped up in 2 minutes flat for our good friend that moved a few hours away that we probably won't see again. We miss you, Decker!

I'm exhausted and entirely drained. I need a vacation...  like for my birthday on the 8th or when I go to Utah on the 18th!

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