Monday, November 21, 2011


This Saturday is Adam's golden birthday. I guess it's a big thing with our generation, my mom didn't even know what it is. She thought it was like a golden anniversary (which is 50 years). It's actually when the person turns the same age as the day they were born. Adam was born on November 26th and he's turning 26. My birthday is December 8th so my golden birthday was when I was 8. Yeah, I totally missed the boat on that one.

He decided he wanted to have a small party with his friends like our normal parties. I'm not going all out like I did for our Halloween party because Erin isn't going to be here to help me and I have a job now so I don't have all day to make decorations. All Adam said he wanted was to have everything gold. Everything. The cups, the plates, the presents, the cake. Cool. Except for one problem: I have no gold. I don't really like the color, to be perfectly honest! In fact we inherited two gold lamps from Adam's mom and I recently spray painted them a black metallic color. (hmm, I haven't posted about that yet have I?)

Luckily Pinterest came to the rescue once again. Take a look at the things I have planned:

Originally he wanted the cream filled cupcakes I made Jerrod, but once I found these babies I convinced him to let me make him these!

Cookie dough filled cupcakes with buttercream frosting. My mouth is literally watering right now. To keep with the gold theme of the party, I will be painting/dying the icing to be gold with either Wilton Gold Pearl Dust or spraying Wilton Gold Color Mist to look something like this:

Shiny! I may do a test run this Thursday to see if it actually turns out like this.

And remember these delicious treats?

Adam also specifically requested these. Instead of having them be mummy rods, I'll be dipping the pretzels in white chocolate then drizzling Wilton Gold Sparkle Gel over the chocolate.

This treasure box idea is so cute! I already have a treasure box I purchased for our wedding to hold my emergency kit. I've already purchased Hershey Nuggets, Hershey Kisses, Rolos and Lindt Truffles (the ones with the gold wrapping).

I also found this simple and cute idea:

I'll be dipping the marshmallows in white chocolate and sprinkling them with Wilton Edible Gold Stars Glitter.

To host the treats I'm spray painting two old plates and a candlestick holder gold to create my own dessert stand.

As for the decorations I'm going simple. Balloons. Maybe a strand or two like this.

And a doorway or two like this.

I'm going so far as to make the gifts wrapped in all gold. Some ideas I'm wanting to try:

I have gold confetti I was going to put on the dessert table, I think I'll use some on the gifts too!

Big letters are easy to do.

Cake foils are easy and cute.

I'll be sure to post pictures of everything after Saturday :)

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