Monday, October 24, 2011


*disclaimer* I can't think straight so this sporadic post is all yer gonna get from me!

My best friend talked me into throwing a Halloween party. I actually wanted to throw one, but my anxiety has been so ridiculously horrible that I didn't actually consider it. With her help it's going to be an awesome party. After a fabulous panic attack this morning, I was finally able to step out of the house and try to shop for decorations. I've never been much of a party-er or hostess so I pretty much had to get everything. I didn't have serving bowls, serving platters/plates, jars/canisters for miscellaneous things...

Which reminds me. I forgot plates. Maybe people won't need them.

Anyway, it's a fairly small bash, I just invited our closest friends. It turns out we have more than we anticipated - 9 of them! But one is my best friend and another is Adam's brother. That's good though - the smaller the better!

I started my shopping spree off at the Dollar Store, then hit the jackpot when I stopped at our town's awesome thrift store, St. Vincent de Paul. Seriously. Awesome.

I had to pray and beg God to give me restraint because I literally wanted everything I was seeing. 

The main inspiration comes from none other than Martha Stewart.

Found here.

Spiderwebs, tiered decorations, candles, skulls...

So when I finally set out to shop, I was looking for candlestick holders, large candles, glass jars/containers, skulls, bones, fake blood, a cauldron, a ladle and bowl for drinks, old books, and a cupcake stand. I got it all. And more.

Now, I know these photos SUCK, but I'm too excited to wait until morning to take decent photos!

I found candlesticks galore. I had to narrow it down to just a few. The most expensive one was $3!

I got this at St. Vincent de Paul. Unpolished - perfect for Halloween!

I also got this at St. Vincent de Paul. It's hard to tell but this one is curvy and intertwined. Unpolished also... looks awesome!

Wow I didn't realize how crappy this photo was... there are two black candle holders in the back, plus the large one up front that holds three and the large one that holds the pillar candle. Found these four at St. Vincent's!

This lantern was on sale at Hobby Lobby for $2!

These candlestick holders sell for $3 at Hobby Lobby. I found them at the Dollar Store. The candle was $5 at Hobby Lobby.

I got the glass containers at the dollar store and the skull at Walmart. I have a lot of spiderweb stuff I'm going to toss everywhere around the house. 

The bowl, candle and candlestick holder are from the dollar store, the ladle I found at Hobby Lobby (NO ONE has ladles! I had the HARDEST time finding one!)

This is the idea I'm going for. Found here.

My mother in law gave me four of these tumblers  that were given to her for free. 

Found these gems at the dollar store. They're pretty durable and cool lookin!

Crappy shot of the detail on the platters.

This stuff is in a plastic cauldron I found at Wal Mart that will hold chips. I also found the grey cloth and bottle of blood at Wal Mart. The brown stuff is fake floral moss stuff from the Dollar Store that I'm not entirely sure I'm going to use yet.

It'll look something like this picture, found here.

The dollar store had these awesome skeleton garlands. I threw them on the banister for the picture.

I bought three of them. I may have to get more they're just so dang cool.

This lot is one of my favorites. The headstone is from the Dollar Store and it's Styrofoam! 

The green jug in the back, three old books, and two creepy doll heads are from St. Vincent de Paul. 

I got a cupcake stand from Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon! Also some warning tape and black lights from Wal Mart.
I got the cupcake stand for this project that Erin's in charge of for the party. Zombie Apocalypse!

And I nabbed this from St. Vincent's for my scrapbook room! I'm going to paint it and hopefully do some altering of those hearts...

Funny story about these: I told Adam just yesterday that I wanted larger containers to hold my flour and sugar because the mouth of the ones I have are so small that when I level off my measuring cups, the flour or sugar goes everywhere. I found these at St. Vincent's for $1.50 and $2.00! A little sore to look at but it's nothing some spray paint can't solve...

That's a lot of stuff. I love my stuff. I'll probably be on an episode of Hoarders in a few years...

I also found an awesome Halloween inspiration website this morning in the midst of my panic attack. It's called Love Manor. Other than loads of inspiration, they have some killer labels I'm going to use on the glass jars.

The idea came from this photo:

From the Idea Room, she used these labels too!

Whew. I'm so excited. Or nervous. Or anxious. It's kind of all the same feeling to me right now.

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