Friday, October 14, 2011


Now that my temporary job is done I actually have energy to post! While I was working I spent little time crafting here and there, not really getting much done... but the few things I did do I'll have a chance to share!

A month ago today I embarked on an amazing adventure. I won something.


There are giveaways on nearly every blog out there and of course I've never won anything... UNTIL NOW!

And, not even just that I won, I won TIM HOLTZ product on TIM HOLTZ'S BLOG. AMONG 3200 OTHER COMMENTERS.


I was so excited when I read Tim's post on the winners that I interrupted Adam when he was talking to me, started screaming and jumped out of my chair.

What can I say, I get excited easily!

I won the seasonal distress ink pads that he announced here.

My comment that won:
Brilliant! You weren't kidding - this is an awesome announcement! I'll be using these on more than just seasonal projects... ;)
Adam asked me if they chose the winners randomly or not. I don't know, but I like to think that Tim himself read my comment and was like "this Tessa needs to win. She sounds like the coolest person ever."

My email:
Tim, you are my idol. I'm not even joking - I rave about you and your products to my husband all the time and he makes fun of me for it :)
I'm the one that posted a comment to win those AWESOME season distress ink pads and YOU PICKED ME! 
The response:
Hey there Tessa,
You are very welcome!!!
Congrats on your winning post.
I am working on getting your prize right out.
Hope you keep on enjoying Tim’s blog…….
Thanks, Mario
Mario is Tim Holtz's assistant.

On September 22nd I got a package in the mail...

Adam hadn't come home from work yet, so Coco enjoyed opening the package with me.

Ok, so not only did I win THREE ink pads of AWESOME colors that are LIMITED EDITION, but Tim Holtz SIGNED it, and I got free BINGO thingys from his line! And a little postcard that has a little biography.

I love the inks. The brown is nice - a very deep, rich brown. The orange is awesome since I don't have anything like it at all, and the purple is a DEEP, beautiful purple that I like so, so much better than Dusty Concord.

I'm so lucky.

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  1. Cool! I get really excited when I win things too. :-) Especially when the prize is stamping related... Can't wait to see what you do with this prize. (And where is the photo of Coco opening the box?) ;-)


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