Saturday, December 1, 2012


This is a post mostly about my revelation that I love this blog.

I thought I hated this blog because posting pictures of my crafting feels like work and no one looks at it and no one comments because I'm too lazy to get traffic to my site so blah blah blah, what's the point?

insert: super long post

Monday was Adam's birthday.  This past Sunday, the 25th, we planned to go to his parent's house (as we do every week for Family Night), and we were going to celebrate his birthday.  Adam requested his mother make stroganoff, his favorite meal.  He eats like three servings of it because he loves it so much.  She makes a huge batch of the saucy/soupy stuff and then makes some rice for the saucy/soupy stroganoff to be poured over.  I told him I would make/buy a cake for him and I asked him to tell his mom.  

The (usually) nice thing about Family Night is that it's just us 5.  Every once in a while, a couple (who I won't name) and their baby come over. The majority of the time they come unannounced, uninvited, not knocking, just walking right in and making themselves at home.  It really annoys me because then it's anything but a Family Night.  But I can't do anything about it or say anything about it because it's not my house.  

Sunday was one of those days where the couple and their baby were over... Adam's dad invited them.  Maybe his dad forgot it was Adam's birthday.  Maybe no one told him that we were going to be celebrating his birthday there at that time.  When we arrived, there was enough stroganoff for one serving, and enough rice for half a serving.  The couple and Adam's dad invited ate nearly everything.  The husband of the couple eats like an NFL player, which probably approximates 5x the recommended daily calories.  He devours food - no, he inhales it - so it makes sense that there was almost nothing left.  Also either Adam didn't tell his mom or his mom forgot that I was bringing the cake, because she had cupcakes.

I was pissed.

Adam spooned up half of what was left, trying to save enough for me.  I didn't even bother.  I made a few (loud) snide comments about how there wasn't anything left for the birthday boy.  Then I lied and said I wasn't hungry.  Well, I wasn't hungry because I was so angry that no one had any consideration for my husband, especially that husband of the couple who has a tendency to make me want to punch him in the nose every time he opens his mouth.  

Yes, yes.  I know I have anger issues.  I'm working on it :P

Adam was really irked too, of course not raging mad like I was.  I felt so bad for him.  I felt like his birthday was ruined.  I didn't plan anything for just the two of us because I thought Sunday would be a fun celebration.


So I started trying to throw together a little birthday get-together for this weekend.  He decided he wanted the Hostess cream-filled cupcakes that I made last year.

Referencing back to the beginning of this post, I mentioned I didn't particularly like my blog.  I thought this blog was nearly pointless.  But while I was looking back at every single post, trying to find that one post with the recipe for the cream-filled cupcakes, I saw a lot of my crafting.  A lot of my projects that I've done in the last year, the cards, some random stuff, inspiration pictures, etc.  I felt inspired.


I'd never thought that would happen, but I think that's pretty dang cool!

This came at a particular part of the week.  Sunday and Monday night I tried desperately to throw a card together for Adam's birthday.  I tried (read: ruined) about 20 cards before I came up with this atrocity:

Obviously I stopped caring.  I took a beat-up piece of cardstock I had laying around and took a few stamps out and just did whatever.  Honestly I just wanted something on the card so it wasn't just white.  Although I think white would've been a huge improvement on this fugly eyesore.  Anyway, on the above picture, you can see the quality of the cardstock, and on the below picture, you can see the billion smudges on the inside because I forgot to completely clean my non-stick craft mat thing before laying my card down.  

I felt so fail and so uninspired and felt like it would be several months before I make it back into that room again.  Now I want to go create TODAY.

Posts that I particularly liked:  

Also, looking at posts after 2011 made my eyes hurt.  I feel I've come a long way since I started crafting.  I've learned a ton, I've purchased a lot (read: too many) new products, I've watched tons of video tutorials, and viewed hundreds (thousands?) of posts with inspirational stuff (pictures, cards, scrapbook pages, junk journals, multi-media projects, altered/re-purposed/painted household items and furniture, etc.).  I need to use up that inspiration!

I need my brain to focus.  Focus on the here and now, focus on what's important, focus on trying to feel happy and heal and keep my emotions in control.


  1. Oh, Tessa! I would have been angry, too! So inconsiderate. At least there was plenty of dessert!

    So pleased to see you inspired by yourself! And I can't wait to see what you create next. :-)

    And you have traffic of at least ONE on this blog, LOL!

  2. I read it! Way to go. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I think I would have punched him in the nose!! I have family members who eat more than their fair share and it irritates me so. Sorry that happened :( but super glad you have all your cool crafty stuff posted so you can see what you've done! :)

  4. I always read your posts, and I am always inspired. You should post more!


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