Saturday, November 10, 2012


No, the post is not about what you think it is.  
Even though I'm about a week late, I'm not pregnant.  Sorry folks!

I found some pictures of my babies and wanted to share, because I'm one of those pet owners.

One bed, two animals...

Coco never lays next to Nuke.  It's always precious when they snuggle!

I am working on editing the pictures I took of the Halloween party.  Unfortunately, I didn't get ANY pictures of the outside, which I'm super bummed about.  It was AWESOME and I kept forgetting and Adam cleaned it all up today!  (not that I'm upset he cleaned it up, that was super nice of him to clean up my mess, but UGH!!  I should've taken pictures!!)  I'll have to check with some friends that came and see if they got any.  I'll have to do the pictures over the course of many posts because I took a ton of pictures.  I spent so much time on the apothecary that I took an picture of each individual bottle, plus a lot of "group" shots.

I've had a very troubling time for the past several months.  The medical bills are finally getting processed (or, rather, denied), so we are starting to get bills in the mail expecting payment.  It's caused a great deal of anxiety of Adam and I.  We've talked about getting second jobs for the bills, but neither of us like that idea.

If anyone is looking to donate money to a charity, I'll set one up for my medical bills, lol!!

In the meantime, I am asking for prayers at this time.  For my physical and mental health, and that we can be more trusting and faithful in God to take care of us.  And all that good stuff.  If you don't pray, can you send some positive waves in the mail for us?  Thanks :)

<3 <3

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