Monday, December 3, 2012


FOUR COMMENTS!?  What the fudge!?  I love you guys.  Thanks for your comments.  It's double encouragement for my to post the 30 posts I've been meaning to share.  Well, I've typed a lot of them, but I haven't uploaded the pictures, edited them, or added them to the posts.  Soon, I shall!  

Adam's birthday celebration last Friday was great.  Thursday night my great friend and coworker, Kelsi, came over and helped me make some nomnoms for the party.  

(don't know what nomnoms are? Click HERE to be enlightened.)

Kelsi made Oreo Truffles and I made Hostess cream filled cupcakes.  I've posted the links to the recipes before, but I'll post the actual recipes on my blog tomorrow.  I made a LOT of notations and a few changes to the Hostess cupcake recipe to help me out next time and I'll share those with you too.  

IF there is a next time for me, since they take 3 hours to make.  
No, that's not a typo: three hours.  For 20 cupcakes.

Friday, Adam and I ran home from having horrible days at work (maybe more about that some other time... it's an ongoing issue wherein life keeps throwing dirt at us and screaming "I HATE YOU") and we rushed to get the house clean.  I was running around like a mad woman, and Adam was strolling around without a care.  Sometimes that really burns me up inside (my mind screams 'HAVE SOME URGENCY IN YOUR STEPS!' like my mother would say), but when I stop being irrational, I realize I really need to be more like him.  More carefree, enjoying the moments, not sweating the small stuff. 

When people started showing up an hour after we told everyone to come, we were mentally exhausted, but physically relaxed, fed, and completely ready for a night of board games.  T-Plex brought his new game which I played, and I won!  


(Click on picture to enlarge)

Don't these just look delectable!? 

Because they are.  White chocolate on the outside, and when you bite into it, the oreo and cream cheese filling is so soft and tasty that your eyes close unintentionally from the overwhelming delight in your mouth.   

They got devoured at the party and we didn't have too many left over, even though Kelsi made two batches!  Adam even said yesterday that they are probably one of his favorite treats of all time, ever.  I agree. 


Yes, these cupcakes took 3 hours to make.  
First you have to make the cupcakes, then the filling, then the Ganache, then the frosting. 

First Batch

I had SO much filling, Ganache and frosting left over after the first batch that I decided to bake a second batch of cupcakes to use it up.  I hate throwing food away!

I must've been really out of it at that point because I forgot that it took at least 15 minutes to make the batter, 25 minutes for the cupcakes to bake (each pan was baked individually, so that's 50 minutes of baking), about 15 minutes for them to cool completely, about 10 minutes to fill the cupcakes, 10 minutes to add the Ganache, and another 5-10 minutes to decorate!  That's almost an additional 2 hours on top of the original 3 hours!  What a dummy lol!

Second Batch

On my second batch of adding the frosting, the excitement had definitely wore off.  
I was really exhausted and I just wanted to get to bed.  
In my hurry, I just squeezed my bag of frosting along the top of the cupcake.  
To my surprise, the frosting decided to swirl all on its own!  
I'm not even lying, this entire second batch was all-natural curls!

I eventually got bored of all the swirls

With my extra batch of cupcakes having to be completed that night, I didn't get to bed until midnight.  They are so intensely chocolate-y that everyone at the party had one each and that was about it.  Saturday I made Adam take 20 or so to his mother's to give away to her neighbors, and I still have a ton in the fridge.  I'll be taking those leftovers to work with me this week and I'll tell them that I brought them for my birthday (which is on Saturday). 

I can't believe my body magically got better on Thursday.  My knees haven't bothered me much at all since then, and my neck, back and shoulders I have hardly noticed until today.  I'm very blessed that I was able to do all that baking and cleaning for Adam's party.  As much as I say that my life is hard and I'm constantly struggling, I know that I am blessed in many ways and I often take things for granted.  Things could be much, much worse.

Have you ever gone through this much trouble for such a casual get-together?  Or for any reason at all?  For just one item, not an entire meal (other than a turkey or roast)?  

Sheesh!  At least I enjoyed myself!


  1. If I lived closer, I'd take a few of those off your hands, they look yummy :)

    1. I know you would! I'd make you take them all!!

  2. Three hours for a batch of cupcakes is heroic! You always amaze me with the effort you put into social gatherings. I feel exhausted just reading about it. :-)

    1. lol I guess I DO put a lot of effort into them! And I don't even particularly like social gatherings :)


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