Friday, December 7, 2012


Before I go on my rant, I'll start by posting some pictures of my Halloween party decor.  After going through some of my photos, I'm very sad.  I am missing a lot of things that I swear I took pictures of, or even things I remember now that I didn't take.  Gah!

I do at least have most of my signs before they were put on sticks and put in the yard.  It was one of the most fun projects!  I made them out of old wood that the previous homeowners left. Because I have no fancy saw, I used my jigsaw that Erin bought me last year and ghetto-cut it, using living room two side tables as my "workspace".

I used this tutorial, which was super easy!

I had so much fun that I kept making more and more!

Remember this sign that I got last year on after-Halloween clearance? 

Now it looks like this!:

 I like the change.  It's much more "Tessa".

This sign I made from extra wood I had left in the basement from my desk I made in my craft room.  I just noticed that this actually in the unfinished picture.  I used leftover stain from when I stained our deck last year and now it looks awesome.  I could go downstairs and take an updated photo, but I'm too lazy for that.  I'm sure you'll get to see it next year :)


This rant isn't necessary, and it isn't related to this post in particular, but I started typing this before my pictures and descriptions above, and I figured I would leave the rant.  After all, rants are totally "Tessa".  

As I've been saying, I have to edit my photos before I post them, which is the main reason I don't update my blog very often.

It's not that I do any touch ups or blending or layering or whatever the crap else photographers and other people have have great cameras do.  I don't have time to fiddle around with that stuff.  Plus, with my humorously sub-par photos, it's not worth anyone's time to do anything fancy to them.

My problems:

  1. My lighting is always bad (my house faces north and has very little natural light)
  2. It's always dark when I get home from work, so the natural lighting wouldn't matter anyway
  3. I can't think of a good setup (even a mini/ghetto one) in my house with my supplies
  4. My camera and tripod are cheap (with good reason).

My camera loves to take blurry photos like I'm in a moving car, even when I swear I didn't even move a centimeter.  It also loves to focus on something 20 feet away in the way upper left of the background instead of what takes up 95% of the frame and is 10 inches away (wtf?).

Because of all of these issues, I take about 10 photos of the same shot, move a few inches or a different angle, take 10 more shots, try a different setting/lighting combination, take another 10 shots, etc, etc.  The preview screen is so small that I can't actually tell if the picture is blurry or not until I upload it on my computer.  So once I have all 11,850 photographs of only 10 items (exaggerated, sort of.  My SD card is only 256 MB so I only get like 150 pictures on it), I have to go through all of them and delete approximately 11,725 photos.  Then I have to crop, resize, etc (cry,cry,cry - I know, I'm such a whiner).

Anyway, my exaggeration aside, it's time consuming and not very fun, plus I've now used up my limit on Blogger so I can't add anymore photos.  So now I have to go to Photobucket, download my pictures, and then link up to them.

How do you other bloggers get past this dreaded step!?  Are there and tricks you've found?

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