Monday, August 29, 2011


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Goo Gone?I love that stuff.

Last night I realized that I had to make a card for my brother-in-law's birthday on Wednesday. I hate making cards for men. I suck at it - I really do.

I bought some Tim Holtz Fragments a few weeks ago when I saw them on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Since then I've been trying to perfect the technique. Those of you that have used these fragments probably think I'm retarded. They look like the easiest things in the world. Take even an ordinary piece of paper, put Glossy Accents on it, put Glossy Accents on the fragment, smoosh together, then cut. See a video from Tim here. Not so simple for me. I used too much Glossy Accents, I used too little, I didn't smoosh well enough so there were huge air pockets when it dried, I put too much on AND smooshed too hard and waited for it to dry before I cut the paper which created some strange ripping and air pocketing...

I am the 

I go off on tangents and everything is non cohesive. Try to stick with me.

Ok, so last night I had to make a card for a guy. I found fragments. I found Tim Holtz paper. I decided to try my hand at making some fragments again. I tried some. And they actually turned out!

Except for the fact that the entire front of my fragments were covered in caked-on Glossy Accents.

        Enter: Goo Gone!

HOT DOG! You get to experience my MAD Photoshop skills. What a treat!


All the hardened glue is gone. I've finally perfected the art of fragmenting! Tomorrow stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL. (Yes, it is going to be HUGE. Or maybe the picture will just be huge.) It's also going to be for a challenge - something I haven't participated in in a long time!

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