Thursday, August 11, 2011


Creating is hard. I don't know how these women do it every single day for their challenges and teams. And they actually come up with something GOOD. Something AWESOME. 

It takes me a good... 40 hours? to come up with something decent. Like when it came to those baby shower invitations? Goodness!

When Erin asked me to make her some thank you cards, I started out with the same problem. I wasted about three hours of horrible ideas and another two of staring into space before I took a crafting hiatus out of frustration.

While I was on vacation to New York, I came to the realization that those awesome cards everyone makes are stupid simple. Really. They take a stamp and color it in with Copics. That's nothing mind-bending. Or they create a pattern with a stamp or two. When I came back home, I dug through my supplies to find just one thing I really liked. I ended up with something I still think is pretty awesome.

Simple embossing. I inked Tim Holtz embossing folders with distress ink pads, ran it through my Cuttlebug, inked them a bit more, then adhered everything. 

Thank you once again, Tim. You are the man.

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  1. Tessa YOU ARE AWESOME! they look soo freeking amazing! i can't wait to use them!@>#<#@!>


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