Monday, November 18, 2013


My really good friend, Tanya, had a birthday the same day as my brother, November 8th. I made her a card with my Silhouette and a free cut file that I found on the interwebs:

A camera!

Backstory: Tanya is a hoarder at heart. She admits this. She doesn't present her symptoms in the traditional sense. Let’s just say Tanya loves her pictures. She has thousands upon thousands of photographs from just the last three years. She doesn't print all of them, only the ones that she really likes, and then someday she’ll actually get around to scrapbooking them when she comes over to craft. Recently she’s been sewing when she comes over. Last week she came over and we made ADORABLE invitations for her daughter’s three year old daughter’s birthday party in a few weeks. Which I accidentally posted yesterday instead of scheduling it for tomorrow...

I digress. I wanted to make 1,000 camera cards as a joke, but I didn't. I made one huge one instead. I think she liked it!

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