Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Random card today. Random in the sense that it's really an awful card with awesome parts in it. Can you see what I mean?

The first thing that I love is the multi-colored stamp along the top and on the lower left corner. I used Cut n' Dry Stamp Pad from Inkssentials with a technique I had never tried before. Tim Holtz uses this technique all the time, like on this tag. I recently purchased a few reinkers just so I could try this out. I love it! I have the pad in a ziplock bag and we'll see how long it really does last.

The second thing I love is the way I totally saved this card from being a complete and total disaster that I almost threw away. I had a strange butterfly stamp in the center that was blue and purple. I used the Cut n' Dry technique on that, too. I liked the stamp, but it did not go with the card. Like, at all. Sometimes I really wonder what the crap I'm thinking when I do things like that. So, I cut out the weird butterflies, glued the red cardstock under the existing card, and added the lace ribbon. 

I also love the bells. I think it works nicely with the Christmas theme of this strange thank you card.

What I don't like? Everything put together. The stamp up top would be better by itself. The tree in the middle totally doesn't belong there. The sentiment might as well be non-existent. And the only reason that white pearl-ish thing is there on the bottom, is because it dropped on there when I was trying to put it on a different project, and I couldn't remove it without ripping part of the cardstock off. 

What I love the most is that I learned a lot from this card. A new technique, how to erase a mistake by gutting it out of the project, and a whole lot of what not to do. 

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