Monday, September 5, 2011


I've been having a fabulous weekend with Erin. She leaves tonight, and I will be very sad. I literally CANNOT wait until she moves here. We've played so many games, made and ate a lot of wonderful food, talked a lot and crafted a lot. I literally feed off of her creativity, happiness and love.

I found a new blog just now (thank you AGAIN, Pinterest!)

It's called A Creative Operation (super cute name!) and I already have a million ideas flowing through my head from browsing the blog just a few minutes. I thought I'd better write the thoughts down before I forgot them.

First of all, a smash book:

details here

details here

Along the same lines, a junk journal:

tutorial found here
a file folder album

a calendar journal:

a tea file (would be wasted space for me, maybe a gift? or change into something else):

apparently these weaved paper bows are easy:

a recipe tag book made from a Crystal Light container (for a gift):

SO much inspiration!!

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