Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't know what I'm doing to make people hate me so much. Believe it or not, I try to make people like me. 

Then why did I get fired after being on the job for only one month? Yes, my boss was more difficult than anyone I've ever dealt with in my life, but does that mean I'm not to blame? 

She told me it's not going to work out because I gave her the silent treatment all day. She "doesn't have time for the games". 

Yes, I did avoid her. Because she called me stupid earlier that day. I was hurt and angry. I didn't want to engage in conversation in fear she would insult me further and/or that I would say something unprofessional and regret it later. I wanted to quit there on the spot. How can someone talk to another that way? In a way where its only intention is to hurt? 

She called me immature. She said she needs someone more mature because she doesn't have time to babysit me.

I got fired from my last job because I was rude to a patient who insulted me over, and over, and over.

I don't know that I fully understand people. I don't know that I understand their actions and their words. I don't know that I understand life. I don't know that I understand money and responsibility and social decency. I don't know that I understand happiness.

This year has not been good.

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  1. I think everyone has their share of bad bosses, I know we have. Kevin and I had this one lady who would be nice and pleasant one minute and then be a witch the next. I don't curse but she would have been the perfect example of that word. I think she was about to fire me too but I got to it first, ha. Whatevs. It still stays with you for some time but ever single place was crap to begin with. Some people just don't know how to manage, and that's a fact.


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