Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 66-69: Glitter and Flowers

Nothing too exciting going on over here in the Paper Candy land. I had a nice break from scrapping and played Rift and HoN a lot. These past couple of days I had the crafting itch again.

I'm pretty sure I'm the slowest crafter in history. It takes me forever to be happy my project and I spend forever revising, revising, and revising some more. I also have a hard time with embellishments. I know I want them but don't want to pay for any so I spend forever trying to make them. The other day I made some Tim Holtz tattered florals:

and I tried for about an hour to make flowers out of lace and tulle. The lace one looks ok but the tulle did not work out at all. Gah!

The other day I found this fabulous "Sweet Matstack" at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be perfect for a stamp set I hadn't used yet. I wanted to make a card for my best friend who has a birthday coming up.

Card for Erin!

Stamp on the inside

I finally took some pictures of some flowers (my first garden!)

We used this bucket for our wedding.
I kind of ran out of flowers... 

I got lazy and dumped five whole packets of seeds in  this planter. They are all perrenials. I figure the ones that actually grow I will transplant into the garden next year.

The Cosmos are growing!

A small section of the garden. I planted a bunch of seeds which is why it looks so bare. The the back is a bleeding heart plant my mother in law gave me.

See the gnome on the left!? I love gnomes.

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  1. Great work on those flowers...oh and growing flowers too


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