Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Gift & Cards

I usually don't give anything for my parent's birthdays, anniversaries, or mother or father's day. I'm poor, especially after losing my job, and I always call them or spend time with them on those days. I was browsing through Pinterest and found a fabulous printout and just had to do it. The templates can be found here. I made this for my father-in-law and I will be sending a card to my dad, since he lives out of state and I can't afford to pay for shipping.

Crunch Bar

Sun Chips & Life Savers


Beef Jerky


Packaged in a shoe box

Along with A&W Root Beer!

And of course I had to make cards!

For my father-in-law
For my pops


 Sunday will be lunch at the grandparents with good food. Can't wait! 

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  1. What an awesome present! Your Father-In-Law is sure to be thrilled. :-) I'll have to try to remember this idea when our Fathers Day comes around in September, it's great.
    I took a look over your blog and enjoyed the tour. I also have a dog "Coco". I would also call that massive lake an ocean, I loved your photos.
    Thank-you for sharing.


Thanks, mango! You're a fabulous person and there needs to be more people like you that comment on awesome posts.