Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update. House. Couch. Win. & Halloween.

Honestly I've written a few posts about my skydiving album and I've taken all of the pictures, but I wanted to proof read them before I post them. I haven't been able to proof read them because SO many things have been happening.
  1. First, we're getting a whole new house. Well, outside of the house. A hail storm about three months ago ruined our roof, siding, deck, garage, screen doors and fence. We finally got word this week, after weeks and weeks of patience, that nearly EVERYTHING has been approved to be redone. That means we are getting it all fixed up: new VINYL siding (we have aluminum... we've chosen a dark grey with white gutters, fascia, trim, whatever), new roofs on the house and garage, a newly stained deck and fence (totes worth the money; I never want to stain again), and a few new screens on the doors and some windows. 

    There were a few things that aren't covered, like some paint here and there, along the bottom concrete foundation, the fascia, etc, which we may or may not have to pay out of pocket for. We have a few hundred dollars coming in from three referrals. Our contractors, because we are giving them so much business, were going to try to cover the garage in vinyl with all the money from the insurance, but I'd rather have them put extra money into the paint that needs to be done on the house itself. They're really trying to hook us up to make it so we pay NOTHING out of pocket... not even our deductible.

    Anyway, lots and lots and lots happening with that and I'm super excited. We should get the new roof next week!

  2. Second, we had to get a new couch and we got a new coffee table with it. Yes, we felt we NEEDED it. Since we moved in together, we've had these 15 or 20 year old couches as a hand me down from Adam's mom. They worked, but honestly they were ugly, outdated, and Nuke tore some of the cushions when he had claws. But we've dealt with them, no big deal, because we knew we'd replace them someday when we had more money.

    Several months ago, Matt, our friend, sat on the love seat and broke the front leg. Adam Jimmy-rigged it and used some scrap wood to use as a fake leg. It worked until about a month ago when we tried to move the couch (long story) and it broke off. The couch had been sitting around on three legs (I should've taken a picture. It was absolutely ridiculous) before I finally talked Adam into going to look at the furniture store in town, WG&R.

    We just so happened to fall in love with a BEAUTIFUL couch in the clearance section for like 50% off. Then I found a gorgeous coffee table for 20% off, but not in the clearance section. They were delivered last Friday! We had to re-arrange the living room so it would all fit and we love it! There's SO much space.

    Bad lighting
    View from the kitchen/dining room/hallway area

    From the front entry

    Nuke LOVES all the space near the windows!
    You should see how gross the windows are from his nose marks :)

    I'm not sure how I feel about this little setup with my off-the-curb chair, but I THINK it works?

    Detail of the coffee table. It's totally "Tessa".

    Nice leather! It had a red/brown tint to it that you can see in certain light,
    but it's so dark it looks black.

  3. Also.... I won something!! And not just anything... a HUGE something! An ENTIRE COLLECTION! To people that don't understand what that means: that means tons and tons of product for paper crafting. 

    Check this link out to see that my awesome comment won ALL THIS JUNK!!!!:
  4. I don't know why #4 is here? I can't get it to go away. I hate Blogger sometimes.

    And that's just SOME of the things I won. There's a bunch more that I didn't include because this post is long enough.

  5. {inspiration photos and projects that I'm taking on this year}

So you can see why I haven't been blogging. But it's nice to journal all of this in once place and get it all down. I haven't been project Life-ing because of the same reason. I have a lot to catch up on!

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  1. Tessa, your Halloween stuff is disturbing. Every year you freak me out, LOL! I love your new couch. I love that you're getting new roofing and siding. And I'm excited about your winning FREE stuff! Yay!


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