Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The Tandem Skydiving album has taught me a lot.
  • Modern is fun!
Honestly, the only reason this book is modern (as opposed to grunge/aged/antiqued/weathered/Tim Holtz'ed) is because I found a fabulous page kit called Everyday Eclectic by Echo Park and just.had.to.have.it.


  • Modern is hard!
Other than that page kit, I have nothing modern. No embellishments, no paper, no inspiration. My friend Kelsi gave me some modern washi tape several weeks ago. Other than that, most of my embellishments I consider to be more Tim Holtz style. (Probably because most of them are Tim Holtz brand...) I had to buy some more things that were appropriate, and I was able to just get two paper pads and used what I already have for everything else. I'm pretty proud of that! It's really, really hard for me to not spend money.


  • My Silhouette is awesome!
Although for the first several days after I got it I absolutely hated it and wanted to throw it out of the window, I'm finally starting to really love my Silhouette. I've ruined countless pieces of paper but have learned a LOT in the process and I've cut a LOT of cool things. All of my cuts were either free, ones I made (I made like... one...), and only one I purchased for 99 cents plus the Designer Edition software ($32ish) from svgcuts.com that came with a $10.00 gift card. I've made a lot of embellishments and backgrounds with it. Just about every page has something that was cut with the Silhouette.


  • It's ok to "scrap" it.
Adam loves puns. It's only appropriate that I add one.

Many times when I'm making my layout and I'm moving things around to make it work, I've learned to just sweep it all off the page, put everything away except the picture, and start over. If something doesn't look right, then it isn't right. Don't force yourself to like something that sucks. Or even if it's just "ok", toss it and start anew.

Makes me laugh every time.

  • Plagiarize. Everyone does it. I prefer to call it CASEing.
True story. There's a saying that someone said once upon a time that I'll summarize: "Nothing is original." Ideas are built off of other ideas. I don't feel bad about nearly copying another layout because, really, it's a compliment. If someone liked MY project so much that they want to do something nearly identical, I would be thrilled! Someone actually LIKES something of mine that much!?


Even if I never look at the album again, I still grew artistically from it, and even finishing it is accomplishment in and of itself.

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