Monday, March 11, 2013


It's a running joke that I get Adam flowers for every Valentine's day.  

The first year we were together, I called the flower shop that we always use (The Flower Gallery), and asked what kind of plant they could deliver to him.  I was hoping they had a cactus, but they sent a plant in a white basket that had white fuzzy balls on it.  Adam called it a popcorn plant because they kind of looked like popcorn.  He was confused about why I sent it to him... lol

The second year ... uhh... I can't remember. But I bet it was awesome.

The third year (last year), I got him an 8-bit bouquet (from Think Geek) that he still has in his office.

I told him the joke that I've been giving him flowers every year, because I'm sure he didn't see the trend.  And he definitely didn't!  

Women always get them, but men get nothing (usually).  This year I decided to make him flowers from Hershey kisses.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!

I was ecstatic with my idea to use Reese's Pieces (his favorite) as the vase filler!  I may or may not have patted myself on the back for my pure genius idea. ;)  I bought 6 boxes of the candy, which I thought was going to be WAY too much, but I used all of them! That's a lot of candy!

Close up!

They were very simple to make.  I used this tutorial.  I got everything from the dollar store and the total came to about $20.00.

He loved it.  Everyone at the office that saw them thought it was so cool.  He shares an office with the other two IT guys: his brother, Jerrod, and his friend, Alex.  They were jealous because they didn't get anything for Valentine's Day (see what I mean!? Men always get shafted).  Alex was staring at them for a long time, apparently trying to figure out how I made them.

Adam, of course, had flowers delivered to my office:

Tulips! Roses are overrated IMO

The note that came with the flowers that Adam wrote was hilarious.  I was cracking up at it all day long!

It reads:
"Roses are red,
WoW pandas are hacks,
You are OP in RL and
I love you for that!"

No one will get the humor unless you play World of Warcraft.  That's partially why I love it so much.

Love, happiness and sparkles,

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