Wednesday, March 6, 2013


** I was going somewhere with this post.  I started it weeks (months?) ago, but I didn't finish and now I have no idea how to finish it.  I'm just going to post it and maybe some day I'll remember what the purpose of this was **

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I'm not the type of person that can look at something in a store and say "oh my, this is absolutely PERFECT for the the ledge in my parlor on the north wall in the east corner near the peacock painting!"

Nope.  I'm horrible at estimations. Case in point: one time I decided I was going to try my hand at upholstering, so Erin and I went to Hobby Lobby to find some fabric. I found some I loved, and thought 2 yards would be enough, but I bought 3 yards instead. After we got home, I looked up directions and it said that you need like 8 yards. Oops! I changed my mind after I looked at how awfully complicated and time consuming it was, and once I added up the ridiculous price of additional fabric would be. I picked out a fabric that was $35 a yard. I justified it since I thought I only needed 3 yards. After figuring I needed 8 yards, there was no way that Adam would let me live! Plus, what if I messed up? What if I had to scrap the project? That money would be GONE.

I'm also not one that will have a room that looks like it came from a magazine. Not only am I too poor, but my mother taught me how to be frugal and it's stuck with me.

Whenever I'm at a store and I find something I love, I just buy it and hope that it works somewhere in my house. Unless it's expensive. Then I tell myself "wow, I love this so much, but WHERE am I going to put a 6 foot metal chicken dubbed Beyoncé?", then walk away. (Warning: link has cursing and crude humor.) I'm usually pretty good about walking away.

I always try to buy on sale. Majority of all of my supplies and organization were on sale or free. If they weren't on sale, they were cheap or a cheap solution to what could be an expensive problem or project.

Take my table, for example. The supplies were from Lowes and, while not on sale, was only $38, I think?

Here is the link to my original post about my table.

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