Friday, March 23, 2012


"Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances."
-Dove chocolate wrapper

I've never heard that before. And I love it.

I’ve been meaning to post, but I’ve been able to come up with some awesome excuses. I have an announcement to make:

We adopted a cat! A totally random, unexpected and spontaneous event that happened several Saturdays ago. Adam said he wanted to go to the Humane Society that day to look at dogs for his grandma. Grandma said she wanted a dachshund. She also said she wasn’t ready for a dog. We went anyway. The dogs there do nothing but bark, even though there was an adorable beagle that I wanted to squeeze and a gorgeous husky. No dachshunds.

Our Humane Society has glass rooms full of cats that are waiting to be adopted. You can go into one of the rooms and pet the cats. I went inside once with Jade, my “little sister”, and it was stinky. Adam said he wanted to go into a room but I declined, remembering the stench. He went in and spoke through the glass, saying it wasn’t bad at all. So I took a step inside, and he was right, it wasn’t bad. There was a cat stand directly to the right after entering and a young cat was standing at shoulders height, looking at me. He literally crawled across my shoulders and into my arms and sat there purring at me incessantly. He was so friendly, so trusting. My heart melted. It seemed like a sign that I should take him home, like he knew he wanted to live in MY home and he was ready as ever.

Normally it takes a long time to adopt from the humane society. You have to fill out an application and they have to call references. It must've been nearing the end of his stay because they didn't hesitate, they let us take him home within the hour.

The Humane Society named him Atom because he was found by the nuclear plant, but seeing as it sounds identical to Adam, I had to change it. Nuke seemed to fit. Short, and still keeps the only known part of his history in his name. I got him a black collar with white skull and cross bones.

He acclimated well and instantly in our home. He and Coco haven't had any issues and in fact play all the time together. He knew instantly to use the kitty litter box in the basement. He learned quickly not to jump on the counter tops and kitchen table.

We had to get him declawed, though. He scratched and poked me all the time without even meaning to, even when I was just petting him, his claws would dig into my leg! We were also worried about him scratching Coco since they play so often and so rough.

Nuke has his declaw surgery last Monday (12th). Poor thing has been in so much pain. It breaks my heart. His left front paw was swollen and he won't put any pressure on it. We took him back to the vet and got antibiotics for him. He's eating and drinking, but wasn't using the kitty litter box. He solved that problem yesterday morning when I went to take him out of his kennel and the pillow he was laying on was sopping wet. And he was sopping wet. Poor thing hadn't gone potty for days (yes, I did TRY to make him go, don't think I'm a bad mom!!) I threw his back half into the bath to get some of the stink out of him and he did NOT like that.

He is pretty much 100%, just a slight limp but is running around again and being annoying like before.

We have a little family now. A dog and a cat. Just missing a little human being.

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