Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's been a long time since I participated in a challenge. I saw Moxie Fab's Paper Scraps Challenge (click here to join in on the fun) and I thought I'd submit a few cards!

A while ago I saw a post on Paper Craft Connection's website about using scraps, and I've been hooked since.

I hate wasting. No, I wouldn't say I'm a hoarder, or even a pack rat. But when it comes to using up the last of the peanut butter in the jar, leftovers from Applebees, or the last drops of milk in the container, I can't throw them away. My mother instilled a weird habit in me as a child. Her mother grew up in the depression, married a farmer, and had six children. My mother had eight kids so she had to scrape just to feed bellies. And I'm just neurotic.

I have an incredibly hard time throwing away paper, no matter how small. I always say to myself "I'm sure I can find a use for this 1x1 square of white cardstock in the future!" and in my stash it goes. My biggest heartbreak is using diecuts that leave large, odd shapes. They're always small enough that you can't do a thing with them, but large enough that I always save them anyway. That's why I LOVE this challenge and anything revolving around scraps!

I know Moxie Fab challenges are to create in innovative ways, and I know that these aren't exactly innovative for the average crafter, but they were so much fun to make and a new experience for me.

For the first three sets of cards it was my first experience paper piecing. I think I expressed my hatred towards paper piecing before.

Even though I learned of my hatred for paper piecing, I love the way these cards turned out. They're so bright!

My last card was made from a way cute paper set that I don't remember the name of.

Again, nothing innovative here. But I like it, gosh darnit, so I'm submitting it too!

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  1. I love it when you enter challenges! Your creative spirit goes into overdrive! Great cards. I especially love that last one. :-)

  2. Hey Tessa! Thanks for linking this up to the Paper Scraps Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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