Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ty Ty Ty

Again, if you are not Erin, sorry. This is another post for her. Because she is awesome.

I started to make some prototypes for those thank you cards you wanted. I wanted your opinion on this series.

This is the main card. Sentiment would be identical to this. Would be on kraft paper (brownish paper, the same paper that the sentiment is on). Color can be changed to whatever you want (this one is red). The top layer is over a patterned paper then adhered to the kraft cardstock. The top layer is embossed and distressed with inks.

Same thing, just another shot... don't know if you can really see the texture/embossing well.

The rest are just the top layers. The first three have been inked a bit, the rest have only been embossed. I can use any, all, or a combination of any of these embossing textures. I can use any color of paper and ink whatever color you want. Or I can do just white paper and don't ink at all. That might look cool. Also can switch it up to open from the right instead of the bottom. Whatever you want.

Like anything you see?

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